Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Agility Fun!


I was out having more fun this weekend with Mom and Emmy. We all went to Maryland to another agility trials, this time it was outside which is very exciting. Even Emmy runs faster outside -- then we call her Outside Emmy. "Inside Emmy" can be pretty slow sometimes... but I digress...

This place was so far we had to cross a big long bridge over a lot of water. Mom says it's the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Was it ever long and tall! (Mom needs to clean her windshield!)

Here comes another tall part of the bridge --- ooooh ---

Good thing I'm not afraid of heights!

I can see land! We made it!

So where are we??? You mean this isn't where we're going?? are we there yet?

Oh no -- another bridge! (got kind of blurry here)

Oh wow -- I remember this place, we were here last fall! What a pretty drive up to the farm.

Hey look who came out to see us! My Uncle Bro! He's Mom's brother, I haven't seen him in ages! He lives a long way away from us and we miss him. He's lots of fun...

Emmy REALLY likes him too!

I loooove to jump!!! Mom wet me down 'cause it was so HOT on Saturday...

And nobody can say I'm afraid of heights...

When I come out of a tunnel, watch out 'cause I FLY!

Someone was taking pics at ringside -- she does good work -- Mom can't wait to see what she got of me!

Here I am on Sunday afternoon after qualifying in Excellent Jumpers enjoying my reward of liverwurst. Mom you just don't know what you're missing! (Mom: Yuck!)

And on Saturday night before we went to bed at Mom's parents' house (Grandma and Grandpa's) I found a new friend! He's not a wheelie but he's cute!

It was a fun weekend and I saw lots of friends from agility class, saw lots of other doggies, and got a ribbon too. Emmy also got a ribbon in her Open Jumpers class but she didn't like the heat either. Mom says it had to have been 85 degrees out there. We were even rained out Saturday afternoon with thunder and lightning!

I was glad to get back home to tell my doggie mom Clancy and my girlfriend Josie all about it!



Amber-Mae said...

Those are some great pictures of you in action! Rudy, I wanna see a video of you running! Congrats for qualifying. I'm going for an agility trial too wend of this month & next month.

Butt shakes,
Solid Gold Dancer

Hana said...

Wow Rudy! You look great doing the agility trials! I especially like the photo of you jumping through the ring. Whoever took those pics sure got some good shots of you!

Asta said...

I bet Clancy and josie wewe vewy happy to heaw of youw newest achievement..I love seeing you fly!!!!CINGWATULATIONS to you and to Emmy too..you awe such a wondewful athlete..make suwe you entew the paw-limpics that Lenny is holding this summew...Sowwy that you got busted about the skating pawty..next time we have to be mow suwweptitious, hehehe
smoochie kisses
pee ess.Daddi is doing bettew and bettew!

Dewey Dewster said...

Gee Rudy...you sure are good at agility.....ya just fly right along there....that might be somethin' else fer us ta try someday when we settle down a bit...hope ta get ta meet ya at Earthdog someday....have a great summer 'n stay cool...the heat has arrived and it's not a pretty sight.....

Dewey Dewster here.....

Pacco de Mongrel said...

great suggestion of getting wet for the hot run...

but most of the time, we did run faster on grass rather than indoor carpet

Patience-please said...

Woo-HOOOOO!!!! You are our HERO, Rudy Toots! And so is your mom, because she actually gets you ENTERED which seems to be beyond our servant's (very limited) capabilities. Sigh.

wags from the handlercapped whippets