Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Pics Are In!

Hello again!

The pics just arrived from last weekend and I'm pleased as could be. They must have a new camera 'cause they got some good ones!

Mom entered me in that FAST class to work off some of my early-morning energy. I don't know what she's saying to me but it might be that I better listen to her or else..

Wheee! This is fun, especially early in the morning. I'm all wet down 'cause I tend to get too hot in summer weather and then I don't run so fast.

That moment before I head down the A-frame -- good grief I have grass thingies all over me!

Here I've got that 'look' in my eye that Mom recognizes too well. It means Watch out, Rudy's gone crazy!
Actually this was the second obstacle in the 'send' where Mom had to literally chase me from where the A-frame was to where the 'send' started. The first send obstacle was a simple jump. I was getting ALL cranked up.

And here is when I see Mom calling and kick in the afterburners. I can't believe I managed to stay upright here 'cause it looks like I'll fall down...

I got a second place in this FAST class so that made us happy. The next day they took pics of our Standard run, and here we are getting set to go. I must have been trying to flirt with the leash-runner lady (they pick up the leash and carry it to where we finish so we can leave the ring with leash ON).

I was tired of Mom's bossing me around all the time, so I did a little goose-stepping on the dog walk just to get back at her! I don't think she even noticed...

So just to rub it in some more, I started running straight instead of listening to her and made her work! She really had to keep an eye on me before I started making up my own course. (hahaha I do that!)
It was hotter that day than the day before so I had a harder time running..

So maybe I'll run in this tunnel, but will I come out, Mom? Guess!! (we did qualify in this run even though I was being hard-headed)

Josie was also there and she enjoyed her runs. Here she's getting on the teeter, one of her FAVORITE obstacles. Some dogs never learn to love it but not Josie!

She didn't qualify in anything and wanted to sniff the ground a lot, but she did jump most everything! She wins the prize for finding the bunny poop in the weaves. She's trying to find some in this picture...

But she certainly was cute -- she wants to do it some more, she told me.

We ARE going to another trials this weekend, so we're practicing in class and in the back yard some more. I enjoy class MUCH more than that boring old back yard... Josie does, too. (MOM: it's because class is air-conditioned!) Ollie will come with us to see how we do it. He's a party dude and he fits right in!

Have a great weekend everybody --