Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our week at the All-Terrier Agility Trials!

Hi everybody!

I've been offline a while I know but Mom broke down and bought us a CAMERA so we're back in the game! About time, we've been busy...

Last week was the big all-terrier agility trials in PA that we love to go to. Nothin' but terriers. Usually at a 'regular' trials the bigger dogs outnumber us, but last week there were more 8-inch dogs running than the usual 20's! It was amazing. I saw some of my Bedly buddies there and met some new ones -- well let's start with the pictures --

The weather was great, nice and cool like I like it. This was the scene first thing in the morning. Already there are people waiting for the action to begin.

Our tent was just to the right of these tents. Mom says it was like Woodstock for terriers. OK I'm too young to remember that Mom, how about you????

It's our ol' camping tent but we had a hotel room at this event!

This lady had 2 Airedales to run and she did a great job with them. Here she's running one in the Excellent FAST class where you make up your own course and have to send your dog 'waaay out (compared to the Novice course!) and get points for doing that 'send' right.

Here she is again later on in a Standard run -- it's hard to produce a good action shot with this digital camera, but you can see her Airedale at the far left on the dogwalk!

And there he/she goes off the dogwalk!!! woohoo! (oops this is from another course -- see if you can tell the difference...)

This was the Open FAST course on Tuesday; it's similar to the Novice one I ran with a little less distance. I think I could've done that Open send too which is good 'cause I got my Novice FAST title with our run that morning. Yea me!

Well there was quite a wait for me while Josie ran her Open courses so I just hung out 'til then...

Our Scottie pals Jeep and Einstein were there, so here's one of them getting ready to run:

OK Scotties don't fly as fast down dogwalks.. so what...

He sure was cute going through the weave poles...

I got to meet my baby daughter Sheyna from Connecticut. She's 4 months old and her people just adore her. She was kinda shy so I just stood there 'til they could catch her being still!

One day our Deerhound buddy Mr. Darcy got his mom (our breeder) to bring him up to see us run. He's heard so much about our agility stuff he wanted to see. This is Josie's sister's mom holding him. He wanted her to come see too!

We kept telling everyone that he was a Scottie on steroids... heh heh..

Our other Bedly buddies also ran -- this could be Daimler or Bogie getting ready to run. Wonder what's in that BAG?? Did they go shopping too?

And we saw the most amazing thing last week -- there's a fire station on the show grounds and they took out this truck and stretched it Waaaaaaay tall! Hey there's a guy up there! How's he going to get down now? A little boy and his daddy stopped to see that sight --

We had some little visitors too --

We sure were tired at the end of each day. Josie and Ollie are hogging Mom's bed at the hotel. I had the bed with Mom each night - those two had to sleep in CRATES - ha ha!

Our pal Colby who lives with Sheyna had it best -- at the trials he napped on his own air mattress. I just had a dog bed in a crate. No fair!

I did let the others share the bed when Mom wasn't in it.. Ollie's on top of the covers...

Now and then at the trials the timer wouldn't work right and the judge had to come help. It happened in one of Josie's runs, the judge said the timer wasn't working so they just gave us the standard time as measured by the judge. We just wanted that qualifying ribbon!

Josie did really well -- she got 4 blue ribbons and 2 more legs each in Open Standard and Open Jumpers and got both titles! She also got some rat toys as seen at her feet. I don't think Mom's going to let anybody chew 'em up though!

We had a group photo made of all us Bedlingtons. Mom's at the far right holding Josie on the left, Ollie in the middle, and I'm on the end, lying down patiently waiting for these crazy dogs to hold still!

BTW the dog on the far left and his Mom got their first MACH title (Master Agility Champion) so we celebrated!!! You have to get sooo many points and qualify soo many times for it, it's a real achievement. It'll be YEARS before Mom and I get that good! Yea Titus!!! (he's from Boston)

That was our awesome week -- we hated to have to go home. We'll be back next year!

More later (we did Earthdog on Monday after the big all-terrier dog show, too)


Gus said...

Awesome. Very impressive.

Congatulations to all of you.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Tank woo fur sharing those pawesome pikhs!

Years ago - probably just after Woodstokhk - The Doggy Nanny used to go dinner at The Kimberton Inn!

It looks likes lots and lots of fun was had by ALL!


Martha Basset said...

Hi Rudy
We have missed you - great to see your pics - what a wonderful day you had!
Martha & Bailey xxxx

Maggie and Mitch said...

We're so glad your mom treated herself to a new camera.
The pictures are wonderful!
Congratulations to all of you!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Dewey Dewster said...

Gee Rudy....ya get ta go all over the that's one fine picture of all ya Bedlies....ya sure are cute.....Gram laways says she's gonna get ta Montgomery some day.....maybe she will...

Was that MAry Rice from our earthdog club with the Scotties..???....maybe we'll see her again next weekend....we have more earthdog tests....

Have a great weekend !!!!

Dewey Dewster here.....

Fenway said...

Hey Rudy...

I am mightily inspired by your agility post. I am going to my first ever trial next Saturday. It's the NADAC one at Fairhill, MD. Lots of my brothers are going to be there and since they already have titles, they have promised to pitch in and take care of us. I am really excited to get my height card 'cause that makes me so official. And congrats on your new camera!!! I am very, very proud of all you accomplishments.

Will you be at Fairhill? If so, please email me so we can meet, greet, sniff and play.

Your pal,

Hailey said...

Rudy. Thanks for dropping by my page! Geezers! I really enjoyed all the pix and the adventurous week week you all had. Congrats to everyone for the swell job! A special ^5 to Josies for the ribbons too! Baby Sheyna is so adorable, makes ya want to squishy her in your arms!!!! Give your momma a great big hug and kiss for that terriffic camera! Withut it we wouldn't have been able to see the fantastic week!!

Hugs & smooches xoxo

Johann The Dog said...

Wow! What a great day with friends!!! Pawsome shots, congrats on the new camera :)

Agatha and Archie said...

Congratulations to everyone!! and PL2 wants to just smoosh your faces and kiss you all, you are so adorable..Love A+A