Monday, December 18, 2006

My Big Day

(more flying Rudy pictures)

On Sunday Mom and I went to the agility place for the all-day agility clinic she signed up for back in October. She’s been giving me pep talks about it all week! She even bathed me and used the blow-dryer on me. That was weird, usually Linda does that to me before a dog show so I didn’t know what was going on! I saw her drag out my travel crate and knew something was up. Sunday when she put my special agility trials collar on, I knew what was going to happen! I started talking... It wasn’t a trials, but it was agility!
I had to stay in my crate a few times which I hated – I get so excited I whine a lot. Sometimes I got to hang out with Mom and everybody in their chairs while the other dogs ran. That’s OK, I love to party with new people who pet me and sometimes give me cookies. A few Border Collies looked at me funny again. One dog in the ring was so distracted I had to go back in my crate ‘cause she was staring at me. Silly people – that dog thought I was good-looking, not a sheep....
At lunch Mom took me on a short trip to put gas in her old truck. That thing eats so much gas, I don’t know why she keeps it. She says it’s the only vehicle she’s got that works. That’s pretty bad! At the gas station we met a nice couple who loved me. They had good taste in dogs! I kept an eye on Mom to make sure she came back to the truck alright. I forgot my driver’s license and couldn’t drive that thing if she didn’t come back...
The instructor was nice and kept calling me handsome. I like her! We had some good runs, though Mom is still messing up at those weave poles and trying to manage my entries too much. She needs a lot of work. I flew through the sequences and showed them what a Bedlington could do. Mom was concerned I’d get tired but I didn’t – she did! I was good and listened to Mom all day which made her happy. Our instructors were all there, too, so I had to make ‘em proud. I’m so tired today I didn’t run around with Josie who’s always up for wrestling, but she didn’t work as hard as I did yesterday. Today Mom is at work and I’m napping!

This is me napping at a VERY young age.
Is this cute or what?

Oh while I was gone I see I was Christmas-tagged. Hmm... what do I NOT want for Christmas? Let’s see –
1) Popcorn. The other dogs eat that stuff but I just hate it. They go nuts when Mom and Uncle Dennis have it, but I’ll just go lay down. Yuck!
2) Ham. I just can’t get into the baked ham thing. Mom will give me some of that stuff and I can’t eat it. I can’t believe it’s real meat! Salty-type food just isn’t my favorite.
3) I don’t want any more puppies to come live with us. I couldn’t stand it when Mom brought the last one in, which turned out to be Josie, good thing, but they just give me the creeps!

And now what DO I want for Christmas –
1) Dog goodies – any kind any how! If Mom give me too much chicken liver I get a bit sick, but I love to eat. Yum-yum-yum!
2) Some new agility equipment to practice on at home. I don’t care, I love to run and jump! We need more jumps and weave poles. Gotta train Mom!
3) Some more cozy beds so I won’t have to compete for space in the den in the evening. Someone’s always trying to share the bed I’m on and it gets annoying sometimes when I’m trying to sleep.

I could add more to the list, there’s so much I’d like. I have a pretty good life as it is; Mom takes us a lot of places together, though old Nathan is getting pretty rickety now. We have to be careful to take good care of him, he was her ‘star’ before I came along. I have some big paw-prints to follow in. Thanks for all the great posts --- more stories to come. I'll get Mom to scan our pictures with Santa. He never saw so many Bedlingtons in his life!



Zach said...

Hey - sounds like you had a BLAST! The other night I was watching Animal Planet and this dog did the 12 pole weave in under 2 seconds - he got a Guiness World Record!!! How cool is that??

Isabella said...

Love pictures of you flying thru the air! Are you going to your Grandma Mary's for Christmas? You are so lucky to have her for a grandma!
Festive Wags,

Sunshade said...

That baby picture of you is just precious!! You are white now aren't you??

You don't like HAM??? REALLY?? Mum says that's actually smart because salty food is bad for us, but but... I love it.. Well I guess it's the same as how I hate chocolates!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Wired for Mackie said...

Hi Rudy! I'm pleased to meet you! I found out that Burlingtons were true little jocks so I was happy to see you doing agility!Neato!

Merry Christmas!

Your new pal, Mackie

Wired for Mackie said...

Sorry- I meant to say Bedlingtons....geez!

your pal, Mackie