Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Surprise for Me

The night before we had to leave for Louisville Kentucky, March 12th, Mom said she had a package in the mail for me from a friend.

And what is it? (sniff sniff)

Well Mom made me pose by it before she'd open it... sheesh.. the things I do for her around here!

OK now will you open it for me?

Yea! It's a book from Maggie!

It's the one her Mom read to her -- about the dog who ran wild in Central Park and how he made friends with a man who lived in an apartment building nearby. Mom read it to me in Louisville between agility runs. Emmy liked it too!

I even got a dog cookie in the package -- I ate it before Mom could get a picture of it. Don't worry it was GOOD.. terrier approved! Maggie even sent me a nice card to go with it -- see it next to me?

So I'm ready to pass it on to whomever would like to read it next. Let me know and I'll get Mom to send it on with a Bedlington card and cookie too.

Thanks so much Maggie! I love dog stories.



Sunday, March 25, 2007

More Louisville pics and the Pet Expo

Here I am going through the weave poles in Louisville -- I'm looking very serious 'cause they're the hardest obstacle for a dog to learn. Mom wants me to go faster but I'm going as fast as I can!

There was another agility trials this weekend closer to home but Mom's tired and her knee isn't that good. She's supposed to get it fixed next month (the 19th) but wishes it were sooner.

I'm having a good time in class and I think I can do another trials but without Mom to show me the way I don't think I can do it...

Yesterday we went to the big Pet Expo at the expo center near us. It was a cold misty gloomy day so it was good to go somewhere indoors. There were lots of people and lots of dogs on leashes going around looking at all the vendors and shows. I saw a little Schnauzer there who said he was nipped by a Bedlington pup the day before but I told him it was just in play, so he was happy with that. I even saw the Bedlington pup later on -- My Mom knows his mom! I told him to quit pushing Schnauzers around. He was sleepy so I don't think he was paying attention to me! Silly boy --

Then they had a show called Extreme Dogs or something like that. The dogs go running and jump off a platform into some water and get everyone wet!! They were looking for people with dogs that wanted to try it. Someone had a Golden Retriever who did pretty good, and a black Lab came up and took one look at the water and left! Uncle Dennis wanted me to try it but Mom wouldn't do it. I like water but I'd have to see that platform to tell if I would want to jump off... if they threw anything that smelled like stinky rats I'd do it in a second!! (hey that's what terriers do). So Uncle Dennis bought 3 "Doggie Pizzas" and some "Doggie Brew" from a vendor for us dogs at home. The pizza was like a small dry crispy pizza with cheese and stuff on it. Boy it's good. The Brew was good too but tasted a lot like chicken, not the stuff Mom and Uncle Dennis have sometimes. "Brew" tastes better to me!

Oh, well, Mom says I have to include a pic of Emmy doing HER thing at Louisville too. Here she is jumping through the tire jump. She really tucks herself up -- even her ears fold in! Her granddaughter Poppy in Boston does agility too.
And there were so many breeds of dogs there, mini-Schnauzers too. The biggest dog I saw there was a Great Dane, and an Otterhound (my classmate Muddy from home!), and I think an Irish Wolfhound, and a Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound). The smallest ones were the Chihuahuas and mini-Dachshunds. One dog looked like a fluffy cat at first glance but we think it was a hairy Chihuahua. He was cute!
(photos by Tien Tran who is an awesome photographer!)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fun Times!!

Oh wow, we had a fabulous time in Louisville Kentucky last week!! Mom said we were just the best dogs ever and ran great for her. I had SO MUCH FUN (forgive me for yelling but I did!!). We would get up at 5:30 every morning and I didn’t mind ‘cause after the first morning I knew we were going to DO AGILITY! We did 4 days of agility. Emmy wasn’t quite sure at first but then I convinced her it was really lots of fun to go nuts in the ring and fly. We shared the same crate and I had a lot of time to talk to her. Emmy ended up earning her Novice Standard and Novice Jumpers titles, and I finished up my Open Jumpers title and got a 2nd leg in Open Standard which made Mom very very happy! You have to qualify 3 times to get an agility title. We train so much in class all the time, I bet she was happy it paid off.

We saw a lot of other dogs there. Hana would love to see all the Eskies there doing agility. I watched a few and they were good and looked like they were having lots of fun. A lot of my Bedlington buddies were there too, including Hunter who was on TV in February when he was at the AKC Eukanuba Invitational Agility championships and got 5th place in his division. Way to go Hunter! He’s Emmy’s age and runs in ‘Excellent’ which is the most advanced level. Mom says I’m not quite ready for Excellent, but almost! That’s the next step after Open which I’m in right now.

I saw lots of Standard Poodles, Isabella! They looked good – even the little bitty ones who were running in the 12-inch division. One of them had a coat almost the same color as mine – she was pretty – I could’ve sneaked her in a bag and taken her home with me! (oops – Mom informs me he was a BOY…).

And my half-sister Asta, who’s from Sweden, won Best of Opposite to the dog who won Best of Breed on Saturday at the Bedlington Terrier Club’s 75th anniversary specialty show. Emmy was SO happy ‘cause she’s Asta’s mother! If a girl dog wins Best of Breed, the next best boy dog gets chosen Best of Opposite, and vice versa. I won Best of Breed a few times myself. Agility is so much more fun that standing around looking pretty and feeling bored…

It was a long drive to Kentucky – 10 or 11 hours in the van. We all got to sleep a lot except Mom and the other people who took turns driving. I stole part of Mom’s breakfast while they were out walking some of the other dogs. She had bacon and a hash-brown and a biscuit, what was left of it. Mmm… road-trip snacking!!!! I didn’t get any more goodies like that once they found out what I did. Oh poo.

Mom says it's bedtime! I will write more later. Here's a cute picture of Emmy jumping a fence in her class, looking so cute and huggable! Mom has a LOT of pictures to show....