Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Anatomy of an Agility Run ...

Hi all!

Finally got some agility pics back, this one is from June. It's a Standard run and Mom messed up AGAIN, but what else is new.. we did qualify in something, must have been in Jumpers that day.

Getting set up at the start line. Mom always tells me to Sit and Stay -- why doesn't she just tell me the course and I'll go run it myself! I could do a better job..

Flying out of the tunnel -- gotta catch up with Mom or she'll beat me...

Hey can't we stop for a soda out of the machine? Mom?

La te da te da... wonder what's for supper tonight? Lots of air time over this jump..

What? You wanted me to do the weaves over there? Did I overshoot it??

Mom's applauding my weaving efforts -- she BETTER appreciate it!

And here's what I was zooming out of the weaves for!

Wow I can tell Mom's wanting me to turn left now ---

Aha -- over the triple jump and to the teeter --

Making sure I hit that yellow contact zone or the judge will give us a fault!

And it's a 'down' on the table. I can do either -- no prob, Mom!

And a dash to the dog walk -- it ought to be dog RUN, we're not supposed to walk it, really, or we're too slow!

Mom's real intent that I get IN that tunnel! Ok Ok I get it...

Hey where'd she go?

Well wouldn't you know she messed me up again -- should have called me as I was coming out of that chute -- so I'd know which way to turn. I ended up running a circle around the A-frame and THEN I found her at the tire jump. I wasn't in the right spot to jump it so I ran around a little and then threw myself through it! See what I have to deal with???

Well it wasn't pretty but we made it. Mom learned ANOTHER lesson. I hope she's writing this all down! I have more fun when she has her act together!

We had a good time last weekend, qualified in one Standard course like this one and another time in a Jumpers run (no stuff like the teeter or A-frame or dog walk) so Mom was happy. No, I was happy 'cause she didn't mess me up!!! Our next trials isn't 'til mid-August so I have a couple of weeks to rest up and stay cool. Josie and Emmy will join me then and we'll ALL have some fun. (MOM: And I get to run my legs off!)


Thursday, July 23, 2009

True Colors Thursday -- Emerald

Another Thursday and being camera-less it's a challenge, but since it's EMERALD it's not that difficult...thanks Blue for having True Colors Thursday.

One of our sleepy-blankets is a bit green -- this is a car trip we took to NJ for some Earthdog fun a while back.

We celebrated a birthday with some green bottles --

And I was TOTALLY embarassed to wear this stuff for St. Patrick's Day...
I was the laughing stock of the agility school that night!

And this is "our" emerald, CH Jewelbox Emerald, born on St. Patrick's Day. Yep, that's her name, ya know her and ya gotta love her -- Josie's grandma Emmy, 10 years young!

Another agility trials for me this weekend. Got more action-packed pics coming from the previous one, whenever we get them. I can really fly -- just ask the photographer!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

RIP Gidget the Taco Bell Chihuahua

Oh nooo, one of my favorite doggies has passed!


(from the Net)


In a marketing category crowded with creepy plastic Burger Kings, endlessly cheery Ronald McDonalds and spelling-disabled Chik-Fil-A cows, it's sometimes hard to remember what true fast-food royalty once looked like. It's been a long time since the late Dave Thomas and Clara Peller trod the boards. But Gidget, the gentle-yet-firm Taco Bell Chihuahua, was the real thing: the commercial face of the brand who inspired not just hunger, but joy; not just commerce, but compassion.

Although Gidget's softly accented voice was provided by Argentine actor Carlos Alazraqui, her eyes were what sold the goods. Somehow, looking into those big, brown pools of sympathy, viewers knew she wouldn't sell them a bum burrito or a chintzy chalupa. Like any good pitchman (or pitchwoman, or pitchdog), she put herself on the line, using her unspoken integrity to capture the hearts and inspire the trust of a generation of fast-food consumers.

And, ultimately, Gidget was well rewarded for her efforts. As humans, we may look askance at her short 15 years upon the earth; however, it is worth remembering that in dog years, she was a centenarian who lived a good, long life. Gidget died this morning, having spent her last days basking in the lazy warmth of a southern California sun, according to her trainer, Sue Chipperton.

Although Gidget's Taco Bell gig ended in 2000, she continued to enjoy a successful Hollywood career, appearing as Bruiser's mom in Legally Blonde 2: Red White and Blonde. But for millions of Taco Bell fans, she will always be the ambitious canine who led a fast food revolution to capture our hearts -- and stomachs.

Te queremos, Gidget. Rest in peace.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Off to do more Agility...

Hi all!

As promised, Mom's getting me ready to go up to MD early tomorrow morning. She gave me a bath and blow-dry... she says the photographer will be there and I have to look smashing for my public! She's also taking me over to our breeder's this evening to see if Miss Mischief wants a date (glad I got a bath after all!), and to borrow that nice air-conditioned car so I can ride up to MD in style! (aahhhh)

The pics came back from our July 4th weekend agility trials here in Virginia, here are a few:

I think this is the Standard course we did well on. I'm blasting off over the first jump in my usual earflaps-up style!

No time to look at the view up here -- gotta get down the other side!

And blasting off the teeter, looking at the next obstacle! Mom loves this shot --

Get those weaves!

OK now I'm psyched --- have a great weekend everyone!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

True Colors Thursday -- Peach

It's True Colors Thursday and I haven't played in a long time, but we found some pics that might fit in with this week's color. Thanks to Blue who sponsors True Colors Thursday!

I guess you could call some of this 'peach', even if it is dog shampoo and conditioner.

Josie and her crate are a little bit peachy --

Ohhh yeah, can't forget that lovely peach comforter on that big bed of ours!
(that tie is so not me don't you think?)

Peach is everywhere, where you least expect it. Here's a pic Mom took of the annual Virginia Foxhound Show last year near our house when they were pinning the Juniors and someone was there in a peach blouse taking pictures. I know, the kids and hounds are more interesting!

This weekend is another agility trials for me. It's indoors thank goodness, up in MD where we usually go. Can't run when it's hot - I can't sweat so I'm useless in the heat! (MOM: Well I can and I'm still useless in the heat!)


Monday, July 13, 2009

Big Daddy Rudy

Hi everyone!

Mom found some pics to use so I can post something again. Last week my puppies started going to their new homes and Mom's a little sad but happy for them. One went to Pennsylvania, one just went up to Connecticut, this week one's supposed to go up to Massachusetts, and one lucky girl gets to stay at our breeder's house! Mom can see her all the time if she wants.

Here is little Blueberry who's staying. She's about 5(?)pounds and very cute according to Mom. She used to be "Lion-tail female" 'til we figured out a name for her. Every litter gets a pattern shaved on their tails so we can tell them apart before they go home, and this one had a lion-tail pattern. Cute!

Just for comparison, this is the resident Deerhound at the kennel. He's a year old and almost 100 pounds. He can easily take things off the kitchen counter without really trying -- just sniff and grab! He was too big to play with us Bedlingtons when he was only 10 weeks old.

Some wildlife stopped by -- he was lost and needed directions. He was a little guy even for a fox! He wasn't telling us how much he weighed...

And I hear I'm going to have another 'date' soon! AND -- it's Ollie's mom I'm having the date with. How cool is that? I'm going to have to get a job to help support all these kids I'm having. Puppy food isn't cheap, and then try to pay for all that education and health care ---

All those kids to support....

I haven't told Ollie yet about my upcoming date with his momma. He's just now discovering women but he doesn't know yet what to do with them. Haha!


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Agility Cartoon!

Hi all,

Talk about the lazy days of summer -- Mom's been lazy about letting me BLOG. sigh!
We found a cute cartoon in the paper yesterday, thought you might like it.