Friday, April 18, 2008

Rags and the Ball

Well you know Rags has been with us, what, 2 months now? That's over a year to us dogs. That's forever! (seems like it to me, formerly the ruling male of this household) Ahem --

Anyway, one evening out on the deck he discovered the Big Orange Ball.... it's very heavy and older than us and it used to drive Uncle Nathan bananas when he was alive. He would just lose his mind so Mom kept it hidden to save her sanity.

What ever could THAT be?

Think I'll push it around and show it who's boss!

Maybe I can touch it with my nose...

Hey come back here!

Ooops -- not interesting anymore --- got to see what else is under that bench...

That big dummy, there wasn't anything else under that bench!

Hey, our breeder Linda came and took him away tonight. MAYBE he's going to his forever home but we won't know for a while. If the family decides they like him, he's not coming back and then I can re-claim my empire. Yeaaaaa!

(shhh don't tell Josie I think she likes him)


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Tribute

I WAS going to post some more pics tonight but Mom found an agility video she thought I should post instead; it's awesome and very moving. We never met this agility team but it was so emotional. Read the intro at the beginning and Get Out Some Kleenex!!!


p.s. ADCH means Agility Dog Champion and don't ask me what Super Q means but it's a big deal!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

My Awesome Teachers

Hi all!

It's the weekend again -- bloggin' time. Weeknights are too busy or Mom's too tired to sit with me and blog. Oh well, it gives me time to think of something to post!

The AKC National Agility Championships were held last weekend in Oklahoma (I've never been there) and two of my awesome agility teachers were there and they TOTALLY rocked! They always do well -- I look up to those two and their lightning fast dogs. Mom's threatened to replace me with a Border Collie if I don't behave but I don't think she means it... right Mom? uh, Mom....

Before she has time to think about that, here's a pic of one of my teachers running her dog over a dog walk and I know it was fast!!! That dog looks almost blurry in this pic she was going so fast.

Here they are again making mincemeat of the weave poles --- she's going MUCH faster than the picture suggests. They were 4th overall in their division, having won it last year. If I did that well there, it would be party city!!! This is our teacher that works us so hard in our private lessons. But I love her!

And here's another teacher of mine, she rocks big time with her dog. She's telling him to hurry up and jump; it's time to make a U-turn and step on it. They won their division -- awesome job you two!

There were 2 of my Bedlington buds running also, Hunter and Scout. Here's Scout, I think, looking cute through the tire jump. One day maybe I can be that dog!

So you won't miss my pretty face, here's a shot of me at Louisville in March, going MUCH slower through the weaves than my awesome teachers' dogs, but Mom says it's about physically impossible for me to zoom as fast as they do!

Just for fun, where am I in this picture?

Oh there I am - I look like I had a hard time in that chute!

Mom found out we don't have a cord to load videos from the video camera to the PC so we can't do videos yet. It's always something.

So I hope you enjoyed the pics --- see you later!

p.s. I heard Isabella is still scared of thunderstorms. Hey Iz, call me -- I'll calm you down!