Saturday, January 31, 2009


I bet you never knew a Bedlington could talk! This is Rocco, he's practicing for an audition for some commercial. He waves, too, but Josie does it better --- enjoy the show!


Friday, January 30, 2009

Well We got Some Snow..

But not a whole lot!

This is about all we got the other day -- it melted just a little, so it's not like the storms old Uncle Nathan used to tell of back in his day. One year it snowed up to the top of the garden fence and Mom had to dig a path for him and Grandpa Joey to get through the yard!

Hey I'm happy to get ANYthing..

I even jumped into the main veggie garden to see if I could find any 'good' snow...

Josie jumped in to help me find any extra snow... hmmm, smells like bunnies in here!

Something's been chewing on this poor old collard plant....

See if they chew on it now! Ha!

I don't see any more bunnies -- my job here is done...

My mom Clancy is doing her part too -- staring at the piece of wire fence on the ground. Thanks Mom!

Time to get back in the house -- I've been bored stiff -- agility classes were canceled for weather this past week. The week before, Mom was too sick to take us.
I'll dream of agility trials to come... here's a pic of me flying over a jump in Columbus Ohio this past November.

Stay warm -- the East Coast might get more snow come Monday!

Monday, January 19, 2009

At last -- snow!

Hi all!

Sorry I haven't blogged much lately.. Mom's been sick with a bad cold this weekend, and besides there's really not much going on. But something's happening today -- it's snowing! We thought we'd get out in it before it stops or melts away. If we get more we might take more pics, but for us this is special. Everywhere else is getting tons of snow but in northern Virginia it just hasn't happened yet.

Josie just doesn't believe her eyes -- and the snow's getting into her eyes --

You call this snow? This is September weather back where my daddy's from!

It's really coming down! (you can see the cool Bedlington weather vane in the garden)

I'm waiting for the REAL snow to start...

This is what happened to the pine trees that fell onto our garage on New Year's Eve... Mom and Dennis did it themselves with a chain saw and some heavy duty trimmers:

Emmy says enough of this foolishness -- let's go inside!
(as she stands next to the screen door we demolished by trying to squeeze through the doggie door in it all at once!)

I see the snow hasn't stopped yet --- maybe we'll get a inch! (woohooo)


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year?

Hi all --

Well we had our excitement for New Year's already. Usually it's a long evening and my people have some champagne at midnight then go upstairs, but before THAT, this is what they came home to last night after work. Mom's truck wasn't there when it happened, lucky for her!

There was so much wind yesterday I thought the roof would blow off! No wonder the neighbor's trees came down. One of them was dead already and it looked like the dead one brought down the other one as it fell. Ohhh Mom and Uncle Dennis are going to have a big mess to clean up!

They don't own a chainsaw. Should've asked for one for Christmas!

Then Mom noticed today they've got a little repair to do:

Maybe they should buy a taller ladder while they're at it!

Well, whatever they decide to do about it they can't forget this important item:

I'm not getting involved -- here is what I'M going to do while they go outside and deal with that mess!

I'm no dummy ---

Happy New Year!