Sunday, December 20, 2009

Woohoo! Record Snow!

Hello from Snow City!

It was the best today, all that snow that suddenly appeared and changed our world. Ollie had the most fun, he's the youngest and the cold doesn't affect the young'uns that much. I have a really short haircut right now so I feel the cold more than he does. Boy did we have a blast today!
Hanging out in the kitchen before our adventures outside:

Ollie says he's ready to see the snow, Mom!

Josie didn't think much of the snow -- she also has a short 'do' and even a sweater wasn't enough for her..

She says Hey! Let me in! Now!

Dennis was out bright 'n early shoveling snow so we could run around in the driveway today.

First we had to run around the back yard:

That was fun -- now for the front of the house!

We had at least 20 inches of snow today --- that's taller than we are! That'll be it for now, it's time for bed. More fun later!

Rudy in the snow...

Friday, December 18, 2009

Yea! Christmas time!

Hi all!

I can't believe it -- it's SNOWING outside tonight. Mom says it might get so deep we won't be able to see over top of the snow by tomorrow night! I can see lots of fun for us doggies tomorrow in the snow .. At least for me and Ollie, we LOVE it. My doggie mom Clancy and Josie's grandma Emmy don't like it much. Josie can't play with us these days, she's in season so she has to go outside by herself or (she says) we'll drive her crazy. I think she drives US crazy, but that's another story...

We've been doing Christmas. Mom decided this year to put up the big ol' artificial tree (no peeing on this one, it doesn't smell right). It's from the days when old Nathan was a youngster so it's looking pretty worn out and crooked.

Last year if you remember we just had that little tree on the end table with the agility ribbons on it. Glad she decided to do more this year even though we're not allowed in the living room where it is!

I even got to pose under the tree with the crooked snowman guy... he's not some kind of crook, he just bends over and can't straighten up. Mom has days like that too!

Some of the craziest characters show up this time of year. This bunch was flagging down cars at the corner, I have no idea what they wanted but we just drove on!!

We decided to get Mom an early Christmas present. Ollie and I wanted to get this purse for her -- had Dennis get it special made and everything. Mom ABSOLUTELY LOVED it!!!!!
I hope Santa's paying attention and gets us some nice goodies for our stockings!

And I've been a very good boy this year...


Monday, December 7, 2009

Last Agility Trials of the Year

Well I had a great weekend -- went to our last agility trials of the year in Maryland, and on the second day it snowed! Good thing we were indoors. Ollie came along to keep me company and help keep me warm in that big crate Mom likes to bring. Ollie needs to get out anyway and see new places. He did pretty good -- next year sometime he's supposed to try running a course, too. Betcha he can't run as fast as me! haha.

Here I am relaxing with a friend while waiting to run -- I have a LOT of friends. Mom tried out the video on her new camera -- say cheese! My friend and his wife have German Pinschers. I was wondering, do they pinsch??? I don't want to get THAT close to find out!

So here I am running our first course of the weekend. Wait and see at the weave poles -- I start messing up and then really lose it later on while passing the A-frame. I loved it so much the first time I decided to do it again! Then I tried to leave early by jumping the last jump (out of frame but I come back). Hey it could've been worse; a couple of years ago I used to tear around the ring like a maniac! zzzzoooommmm.... (MOM: the first course of the weekend is ALWAYS a problem)

Made up for it later by being a good boy in Jumpers and qualifying. The next day I ran well in Standard but missed that dog walk contact AGAIN(for all you agility fans you'll know what I mean!) so there went that. Then we went home 'cause Mom was getting nervous about the snow, so I didn't get to do one last Jumpers run. Aw, Mom! Now I have to wait a month or two before we go again. Bummer --

On Thursday I had a major haircut - I hadn't had a trim since September so I was VERY fuzzy. Before her camera died Mom took this pic of me in the tub at our groomer/breeder's. I don't even look like myself there.

So I was aerodynamic for the agility trials without all that ol' hair. Works every time!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Another Birthday Boy!!

Hi everydoggie!

Ollie here -- Rudy said I could blog this time since it's MY birthday today -- Mom says I am one year old. She says she can't believe how much I grew since I came to this house. I can! I couldn't get up on the couch and lay on Mommy's lap when I was a little baby, and now I can jump up and lay on her anytime. I'm a big boy now!

Mom makes us wait for-ever for our supper.. I wait by my bowl in my special place in the kitchen every night. The rules are we eat where we're supposed to and this is my place. I like it 'cause I can watch Mom's every move...

She's fixing some of the yummiest food in the whole wide world. It's some recipe she got on the computer by some guy who's a vet and has a recipe for some tasty doggy food that goes on our kibble. It's supposed to be really good for doggies but I don't care, I LOVE it. We're sharing this plate full, but I could eat the whole thing if I could!

Oh this is the best time of day!

Any leftovers up there?

We have some Christmas lights on the deck already so Mom wanted to show you all how they look. If she would go in the yard and take the picture it would be better but it's raining tonight!

All the other doggies like an after-dinner nap so it's the perfect time for a little roll on the floor with my favorite toy --

I like to bite it hard and make it squeak so loud the people have to turn the TV volume way up high! Hahahahaha -- try to sleep through this, Rudy!

This is what Mom and Dennis had for their supper -- PIZZA!!! We get to share some of it. Mmmmmm.. if they could make some pizza dog food that would be heaven!

So after a while I got a bit tired and got up on the couch and sat by Mom -- got a pet from Dennis as he walked by -- Thanks!

Great-grandma Clancy almost didn't make it onto this bed, ya think?

And Auntie Em is hogging this whole doggy hammock. She needs to do some sit-ups to tighten those abs, too!

Even I couldn't resist a little nap-time on Mom, my favorite pillow!

Rudy insisted to Mom that I wear that silly birthday hat even though he wouldn't for his birthday. He said 'The kid has to wear it this time!'. Now I know -- I hate this thing! I had to pay my dues...

This was a bit blurry but heeere's my Frosty Paws ice cream! Happy First Birthday to me!

And we dove right in -- Josie doesn't like her stuff frozen, so she's licking out a couple of the containers in her bowl. Such a princess!

Whew -- good eatin' tonight. Mom promised she'd take me to PetsMart so I can pick out something for my birthday, but I think it's time for another nap right now ...

Good night all!
Ollie Ollie Oxenfree
(Mom LOVES to call me that!)