Monday, May 31, 2010

So Long, Mom

Hello again!

Been a long time since I posted --- so much has happened, where to begin? I've been to 2 or 3 weekend's worth of agility trials, met a doggie blog friend at one trials (small world!), ran at one Earthdog test, and just came back from a weekend of Earthdog training and games. This time of year is pretty busy for Mom; she's always taking us somewhere!

But for now I must mention we lost a member our our family... my doggie mom Clancy. She turned 14 on May 1st, and 2 weeks later suffered a stroke and passed away. All of us were pretty sad about it. She was a grand old girl; the first Bedlington girl to get a Master Earthdog title, got a Novice Rally Obedience title at 12 years old, became a conformation champion, and had 5 litters of puppies, all of whom survived. I'm out of her last litter.
Old uncle Nathan was the first Bedlington ever to get that Master Earthdog title, and now he and Clancy are at the Bridge, chasing rats and rabbits ... Emmy is the most senior of us now and she's 11. She and Clancy were roommates and now Em has all that space to herself in the laundry room.

'Til we meet again, mom.....