Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Turkey Day

Hi all,

I didn't do much for Turkey Day, just stayed at home while Mom went off to her folks' house for the festivities. She thought her brother would bring that big black dog that doesn't like me so she kept me at home. Turned out the dog didn't come either. WELL -- what did the people DO for entertainment?

Seems they did just fine without us ...

That was Mom and her littermates (MOM: that's enough, Rudy!) and this is a shot of the guests of honor:

I did NOT see any leftovers but we had a turkey in the fridge at home that Dennis cooked later but we haven't seen any of that either..

Here are the people getting ready to eat the guests of honor (that's my Grandma Mary seated on the right):

They're engaging in some sort of hilarity after dinner, too. (MOM: my sis reading the words to Alice's Restaurant as her son, Mom, and daughter in the mirror laugh along and my brother accompanies them all on guitar)

Mom's brother plays really well, so it was a riot, or so Mom says. That's Mom's sis's hubby in the cool Hawaiian shirt...

So Mom got to see her folks -- did she bring us anything to eat? Noooo, we stayed home! I'm still waiting on that turkey, any turkey!!


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Columbus Agility Weekend and my Belated Birthday

We've been recovering from last weekend, and I finally had my birthday pawty, as it was, so Mom's agreed to help me with the blog. She's been so stressed from work she hasn't felt like doing anything after work lately. She needs to take more naps like us doggies! (Mom: I wish!!)

The night before we left for the big agility trials in Ohio, we had to babysit ANOTHER PUPPY --- all Mom has to hear is the "P" in puppy and she says YES!!! She forgets about all the other P's in Puppy!! (peepee) Her name was Jamie and she's a little half-sister to Josie and that means she's another niece of mine. Mom just loved her! Jamie was going to spend the weekend at someone's house while we were all gone so she was staying here for one night. I don't pretend to understand the logic, I only live here.

The next day we packed up and went to our breeder's house to wait for HER to get ready so I had to wait in a crate. I'M all ready, you people hurry up!

We made it to Columbus Ohio after 8 hours in the van (zzzzz) and to the trials the next day (Friday the 14th). Our national club had their banner up:

This is what the ring looked like. It was a horse arena so things smelled pretty good to us dogs! Josie had to stop and sniff while trying to run her Novice Jumpers round so Mom had to get her attention several times. I was too excited to stop and smell the "roses", I just ran!

Mom didn't get very many pictures of us, but Josie did the best and got first places every day in her Novice Jumpers so she got her title on Sunday! She ran really well and we're all proud of her. She was tired after all that running. Mom got her a bag of dehydrated chicken feet and she got a purple stuffy dog as a prize! She can keep that stuffy, I want those yummy feet...

The pics taken of us will take some time to come back after they're ordered, so all that's left is me being kinda depressed I didn't qualify in anything. Gee Mom, I'll try harder next time! I was just having fun...

SO, today a week later, Mom and Dennis went out to watch those crazy basset hounds try and find bunnies in the woods again. While they were waiting in the woods, some curious beef came up to watch THEM: (hey! Who you lookin' at??)

Mom and Dennis eventually came home and we had a little birthday treat! wwwwWOW!!!
Just for us dogs!

Oh dog that smells pawsome --

Can we really have some???

I'll have a taste ---

Josie comes in for the kill --- she wants some too.

Hey no pushing!

So you promise we can have more later?? OK and I promise to listen better at the next agility trials! It's a deal!

And I am now 7 years old ---


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Guest Blogger

Hi all!

This is Rudy -- I'm taking a break and letting my new pal "Snoopy" step in for a turn -- he's my birthday present to Mom that came on Friday... Next weekend Mom's taking me, Josie, and Emmy on a road trip to Columbus Ohio for a 3-day agility trials and we're excited! It'll be great to get away 'cause Mom's job is stressing her out like crazy.
See ya --


Hi everybody, I'm Snoopy and Rudy brought me home for Mom's birthday and she likes me very much. I'm making friends with everyone at the house --

Seems that everyone does a lot of relaxing in the evenings so I took turns meeting each dog.

First I met this amazing fellow who looks like the dogs here but he's a stuffie too, only I'm knit and he's stuffed. Whatever we're made of, we've got to stick together.... he's very cuddly just like me.

I had to show my appreciation to Rudy for bringing me home! He sort of looks like he's a bit embarrassed. Aw, where's the love???

Hey Clancy, wake up! (poke, poke)

Emmy was asleep so I whispered sweet nothings in her ear... didn't work!

As they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Clancy finally woke up and got on the couch, laying backwards so Mom could rub her tummy. I didn't want to be left out so I did it too.

Then Dennis got up and started shredding the chickens he was boiling for the dogs for supper next week, and ALL the dogs woke up and came to beg for a taste. This is Josie trying to eat the stove.
I know how I rate!!! (MOM: Join the club, fella)

Catch that intent Bedlington stare ---

So after THAT was over, Rudy and I knocked off a couple of cold ones and watched some Animal Planet on cable --- A nice Saturday evening at home --- I think I'll like it here!

Thanks Rudy for letting me blog -- this was fun!