Friday, November 20, 2009

Ollie and the Deerhound

Hi all --

Not much happening at the time, but I thought you'd like to see Ollie and our Scottish Deerhound pal Mr. Darcy when they were at a dog show up in MD in October. They had a lot of fun!

Ollie was all dude-ed up and pretty. He's all growed up, at least on the outside. He's still a pain in the neck if you ask me! Mom still loves him though. But she loves me BEST! (haha Ollie)

So they were hanging out on the benches across from the vendors after the judging -- Ollie won and got a point in the dog classes -- with nothing to do...

Sooo, they got bored, and then started to play...

Bitey face!

'Ooh, I can get on top of you!'

'Oh no maybe not...'

'What a big face you have!'

'Agh he's benched me!'

'More close-face action...'

Ollie came home and said I was easier to play with, at least my head isn't twice as big as his!
Josie and I spent the weekend relaxing; we didn't care much anyway.

Enjoy the weekend!


Monday, November 16, 2009

Oh it's my Birthday!

Well it's time to wake up now, Mom says it's my birthday --- we've all been so busy on weekends, we just sleep a lot inbetween times. Meanwhile Mom's been taking pictures and NOT updating my blog like she promised. WELL!

I put my paw down and refused to let Mom put that ridiculous party hat on my head, she does it to us every year! She didn't try this time, but she put my name on my birthday Frosty Paws ice cream. It's hard to find the letters in candles so she used a star instead of the "U" and it worked out OK.. the candles were slightly used from Mom's birthday cake from last week...

Oh yeah, I approve!

A quick taste, then it's off to the kitchen for the party --

Everybody dig in! Josie says Yuck, not that stuff -- she's a party pooper, she doesn't care for doggie ice cream. She licked it a little bit, and then her grandma Emmy swooped down and ate Josie's ice cream for her!

(left to right: Clancy, Emmy, Josie, me, and Ollie)

Mom had her birthday cake LAST week. Sure looked good! It was an ice cream cake too but she wouldn't share it with us... Dennis was lucky HE got any at all!

Emmy had to take a nap after eating her and Josie's ice cream -- ya think she had enough to eat??