Saturday, February 24, 2007

Rudy's Fashion Issue

Hi Ho, fashionistas, it's runway time!

Mom has some clothes for me to model today. This is my famous doggie coat as seen on the web site I mentioned in my last post. It's mine all mine and nobody else wears it but me.
I'm striking my best show dog pose because Mom is off-camera with a goodie in her hand.

C'mon, snap that picture Dennis!

And this little number is what we in the business call a "belly band", for all you doggie fans. This helps keep the accidents to a minimum, if you know what I mean! I wear this little number to bed upstairs with the humans 'cause it's light and comfy. The velcro makes it a snap for Mom to put it on me at night and take it off quickly in the morning before I dash out the back door to do my business. Sometimes she forgets to take it off in time so she's got some extra laundry to do!

And this is the wider version for daytime wear.

Notice the larger area of protection; this one is a little big around for my tiny waist so Mom has used duct tape to keep it in place. Sounds a little rough but it does the trick! Usually she puts a doggie diaper underneath for even more protection but for the picture she didn't. I try to stay dry but some days I just can't hold it that long 'til she gets home at night.

To round out the "collection", here is a handmade sweater for winter wear, made by Miz Mary and it's sooo warm! The picture doesn't do it justice.
Love that color!
Hope you enjoyed our "collection"!
(ignore the dates on the pictures; they were really done today the 24th)

Friday, February 23, 2007

Striking out with the Ladies

No, we're not in prison, this is a picture of 3 of us at an Earthdog test and we're relaxing in our pen inside the tent. Left to right, that's Clancy, old Nathan, and me. Nathan being old and cold was wearing a coat. This was in the early spring and not in February as the date on the picture says! I don't remember where Josie was but she was maybe a year old in 2004 when this picture was taken.

Speaking of my sweetie pie Josie, Mom took her to our breeder Linda's house yesterday to meet her new boyfriend Charlie (sob!). He didn't come over until today, I heard, and they had their first date tonight. I can hardly stand it I'm so jealous. I was trying to get her grandma Emmy interested tonight but it didn't work. Emmy had spent the night over at Linda's last night so she picked up Josie's scent and smelled really good to me. Em went to the vet today to get her teeth cleaned too, so she was really HOT also with that new haircut besides...! Josie had a haircut too, I heard. She must have been a beautiful gal.... (hey isn't that a song title?).

Emmy on the other hand looked good at home tonight but acted terrible! She was flashing those pearly whites at me but they weren't friendly pearly whites. Then she started that funny hissing sound. I don't think she was happy! I'm so handsome what's not to love? Some women have no taste....

I'm planning a fashion issue soon, so Hana can see me in my belly band that I have to wear. Mom doesn't make me wear sissy ones with flowers or anything (whew). Miz Mary has promised to send Mom a doggie sweater she just knitted for us, so I was volunteered to model it. That will also be in my fashion issue! woohoo...

Speaking of fashion, I am on a website modeling my favorite doggy coat that I got for Christmas from my breeder Linda. Check it out!

I am the incredibly handsome boy, 4th up from the bottom, wearing the stunning plaid jacket. I was at a dog show at the time so I'm pretty fuzzy like they like show Bedlingtons to be. Trouble is I can't see real well doing agility or Earthdog like this so I need my head trimmed shorter for that!

Mom wants to get to bed soon so I'll stop for now. Stay warm you guys!


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Josie the Love of My Life

-- My Sweetie Pie --
OK, now I know Mom doesn’t love me anymore. Josie has just gone into season and my mean ol' Mom won’t let me do anything about it. Josie was supposed to come into season a couple of months ago and didn’t so we thought nothing of it. Mom discovered her condition a couple of days ago, so there are extra locks on her pen so she can’t break out during the day, and since I’m loose in the house all day, she’s fastened my doggie diaper/belly band extra secure so nothing will happen. Hmpf. What, she doesn’t trust me? Linda, our breeder, has already chosen Josie’s next boyfriend. Double hmpf – some stranger named Charlie who lives north of Washington D.C. a few miles away. His grandpa and my grandpa are the same (old Joey) but why does he get to be her boyfriend and not me? I don’t smell bad!
Josie’s supposed to leave to spend a few days at Linda’s house next week. I'll miss her!

I just don’t understand people sometimes...


Saturday, February 10, 2007

My Boy Franz and Mom's Doing Better!

Isn't he just a chip off the old block?? That's my baby boy Franz, 10 months old, from the date I had with that Swedish cutie last year about this time in New Jersey right before the big Westminster Kennel Club Dog show I was in. She flew over looking for a date, and when that fell through, good old Yours Truly stepped up to the plate! I'm half Swedish myself on my father's side. She went back to Sweden and had a CUTE litter of 4 pups, 3 of which were brown just like me. Franz and his sister live in Sweden with Miss Malin who owns my girlfriend (don't tell Josie!), and he's lookin' good! In Europe they trim the hair more off the neck than they do here in the USA, so the head looks different. They say over here the American show Bedlingtons have too much hair. No argument here!

And at home, Mom is walking much better and wants to play with me again. She took me to my Rally Obedience class Tuesday night, Emmy to her agility class Wednesday night, and me to my agility class Thursday night. Tonight she rested her knee! On Sunday we're both going back over there for a practice agility trials. Emmy's never been to a real agility trials and I need to practice. I had a lot of fun Thursday night at class and even listened to Mom when I had to slow down from running really fast and make a sharp left turn into a tunnel. Usually she's trying to get my attention and she should know I key off of her body language, not what she says to me. She's already signed Em and me up for more classes once this session is done. She keeps saying she needs a break but never takes one. I'm fine with that -- I love agility!

While she's typing this, I take a snooze under the PC 'til she's done. There are four rats in cages in the room and I have to check them all out, at least the ones I can reach! "Tweak" is the meanest one and he tries to bite my nose if I get too close. I don't care -- I'm a terrier! All of them beg for yogurt drops and get real grabby through their cage bars. They even eat my dog cookies! How dare they -- Mom gives them each a Milk-Bone and I can hardly believe it. They have their own rat food! The nerve....

More later!
Rudy Tootie Fresh and Fruity (proud Dad, too)

Friday, February 2, 2007

She's limping!

Mom went out with Emmy on Wednesday night to her agility class and came back limping! Emmy says she didn't do it but I don't know. I think maybe she's mad that I said I was a better agility dog than she is, but it's true! She's not talking to me. Mom is now walking around on crutches and they are pretty weird. I know I passed a test where I had to walk by someone on these crazy looking things, but having them at the house is strange. I know it's Mom in there, but these things sticking out make her look even bigger like she's got extra legs! Wow.

Mom said all she did was sit down on the floor and her knee went out. What a weenie way to hurt your knee. The other people at class all wear knee braces and I just know they got hurt in action. All those twisty courses we run in class, and her knee gets hurt just sitting down. I'm so embarrassed!

So now I'm missing my class on Thursday night. I'll probably miss my Monday and Tuesday night class too! Oh boy Emmy is in trouble now. I love to jump and run like crazy. But on the brighter side, Mom has been home with us the last 2 days, so I see more of her. I hope she can get rid of those crazy crutches soon. I sniffed them today and it smelled like a doctor's office. They smell sort of like veterinarian's offices without the pet hair. Now all Mom does is set her leg on a lot of pillows and watch TV and sleep! Sounds good to me as long as we can go to agility class soon...

Crossing my paws,