Friday, February 2, 2007

She's limping!

Mom went out with Emmy on Wednesday night to her agility class and came back limping! Emmy says she didn't do it but I don't know. I think maybe she's mad that I said I was a better agility dog than she is, but it's true! She's not talking to me. Mom is now walking around on crutches and they are pretty weird. I know I passed a test where I had to walk by someone on these crazy looking things, but having them at the house is strange. I know it's Mom in there, but these things sticking out make her look even bigger like she's got extra legs! Wow.

Mom said all she did was sit down on the floor and her knee went out. What a weenie way to hurt your knee. The other people at class all wear knee braces and I just know they got hurt in action. All those twisty courses we run in class, and her knee gets hurt just sitting down. I'm so embarrassed!

So now I'm missing my class on Thursday night. I'll probably miss my Monday and Tuesday night class too! Oh boy Emmy is in trouble now. I love to jump and run like crazy. But on the brighter side, Mom has been home with us the last 2 days, so I see more of her. I hope she can get rid of those crazy crutches soon. I sniffed them today and it smelled like a doctor's office. They smell sort of like veterinarian's offices without the pet hair. Now all Mom does is set her leg on a lot of pillows and watch TV and sleep! Sounds good to me as long as we can go to agility class soon...

Crossing my paws,


Hana said...

Wowie, I didn't know sitting down on the floor is such risky business! Hmmm, maybe I should make my mom sit on the floor more often so that her knee will go out and she will be home more often.

Isabella said...

Ouch! Your poor mom! I hope her knee gets better soon so you can go to your classes. It sounds as boring at your house as it has been at mine lately. Since you have stay home now, maybe you can practice your agility by running and weaving thru your mom's crutches when she is walking around. Just don't knock her down!
Big Wags,

Molly the Airedale said...

I hope your mom gets better soon - although it is nice havin' her home, huh!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Isabella has a good idea! Maybe your Mom's legs and crutches can be that weaving thing. Best talk Emmy into trying it first though. I hope your Mom gets better soon though.