Saturday, March 29, 2008

A test video!!!

This is a video of a friend running her Whippet in practice. I LOVE the music that she's got with it!

Now all Mom needs to do is figure out how to upload her own videos...

(also a "Wild Thing")

A Cool Award!

I got this cool award from Patience-Please and her gang -- the Totally Hip Award Blogger! How awesome! This makes up for Mom not figuring out how to upload video yet; however tonight she did realize there's a little icon on Blogger that says Add Video. Baby steps, Mom!
But she tried and tried to post the Hip award on this blog and guess what --- she couldn't do it. She better keep her day job that's all I can say....

I was going to tell you about how Rags got his haircut finally today but he didn't get it all done yet so he's still a mess. He got a bath so at least he doesn't stink anymore (whew!). Tomorrow he's going back to get it finished. The groomer had an emergency and had to stop everything and take care of it. Stuff happens...
When he's all the way done I'll let you see what a miracle it is!

I don't know who to pass this award on to that probably doesn't already have it. I'd give it to Isabella but she's kind of stopped blogging (sad face). I miss her!

Hey I wanted to mention my agility buddy Hunter whose Mom I was schmoozing with at Louisville is in the AKC Agility National Championships in Tulsa OK this weekend, and his pic is on the website! Mom can only dream of us being there someday... Hunter is the only Bedlington at the Championships this year.

Here's the link to the picture:

Mom's got me entered in more agility and Rally Obedience trials this spring. She's working hard on our moves for our debut at Rally Excellent in May -- I can already back up 3 steps and do a Sit-Stand and even a Sit-Down-Stand. Every night before bed we have a little session.. zzz... C'mon Mom, I'm sleepy!

Hopefully I'll have pics to post later on this weekend... I need a new Mom that knows how to blog!


Friday, March 21, 2008

Back from Louisville! (part two)

Yep, Louisville was a lot of fun. We got some cool videos; if Mom can find her directions on how to load a video to a blog everybody can watch me in action! We have a few camera pics and for now they'll have to do.

This is a pic of part of the arena; it was so big they split it into 3 good sized agility rings! This was one of the courses I ran last Sunday the 16th. We did really well on this one but Mom messed me up at one jump and that was all she wrote. I think someone actually did video us on this course. Getting up in the stands you can see a whole lot!

I got to schmooze with some of Mom's Bedlington friends. Here I'm relaxing with the woman who has the 'top' agility Bedlington. I'm hoping she'll tell Mom how to quit messing up in the ring so we can start racking up some of those Master Agility Champion points for the MACH title like she's got! She's got 5 MACH titles on her Bedlington Hunter! Awesome!

But after a long day I had to relax in the motel room. It's hard work schmoozing with everyone!

We even got a group pic of most everybody who brought Bedlingtons. There were 12 Bedlingtons there, 10 of them in Excellent and that's most of the Bedlingtons in the country at that level! I keep saying we're a small breed...

Everyone looks kind of tired 'cause it was Sunday, Day 4 of the trials.

Things never did pick up at the grooming area. As you can see, there was a LOT of just waiting around for things to happen!!! There were many more Bedlingtons entered in the dog show than the agility trials (40? 50? I'm not sure). It was our national breed specialty so there were lots.

We did quite a bit of waiting around at the end of the weekend for everyone to pack up all their grooming stuff so we all could get back to the motel and leave for home the next day. Emmy and I just waited very patiently...

There were all sorts of doggies there; Mom saw the cutest Welshies wearing cute Easter stuff and ribbon neckaces and she didn't get a picture of them! sheesh! We had all types of dogs from little Chihuahuas to great big Otterhounds. We drove the Border Collies crazy 'cause we looked like sheep to them. Come on, guys, do I really look like a lamb? (baaaaa)

Emmy ran well in Open Jumpers her first day but was so slow in the weaves she didn't make time enough to qualify. The next day she was even slower, so Mom has to work on her some more before she comes out again. Fortunately she's got me, the speed king!

Well as soon as some of the pics Mom ordered come in, we'll post them to show me in action over some of those courses! If she can figure out how to post a video that'll be even more fun. Maybe someday she'll get a high-speed connection so posting anything won't take forever!

Meanwhile, see you later!


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Back From Louisville!! (part one)

Hi everybody!

We made it back from our big trip to Kentucky last week to see all my Bedlington pals and run some agility. I am SO TIRED!

It was such a long drive but I was lucky to be able to ride in the van with all the people and play with them as we rode along. Most of the other dogs rode in the dog van with all the crates.
When we got there, there were SO MANY dogs I lost count! They said there were more dogs there than at the Westminster show in New York. I can't even count that high! (MOM: About 3700 dogs were entered for the weekend)

Emmy and I hung around the grooming area for a while. They put us in crates and there we sat 'til Mom was ready to take us to the agility arena!

Here's our breeder Linda showing a dog in the breed ring. And to think I used to do that! Yawwwwwn.... I like what I do now much better!

Well I have to cut this short -- Mom says it's almost time to go to another agility class tonight and we'll miss it if we wait for the dumb old computer to upload all our pics right now. We'll have to continue this tomorrow night when Mom has more time.

I'm not too tired to run some more agility!

Stay tuned!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Dog for Sale

Hi all!

Mom got lazy and didn't want to let me on to blog last weekend, she ran out and rode that HORSE I know.. I could smell it on her, plus she bought that thing a gigantic sweater to wear, it's the biggest coat I've ever seen! It could cover about 30 Bedlingtons! Gracious...

Anyway, Rags is still here. He's for sale since his owners said they didn't want him back. (sad face) They asked their neighbor if they'd like him and they said no, too. He's very good; he's only chewy which is normal for 8 months old. His owners didn't like to crate or pen him up so of course he chewed up stuff like rugs, plants, and antique furniture. Poor Rags. We make sure he doesn't do that over here. Mom is good at that!

But I'm going to be SO GLAD to see him go -- he still messes with my woman, but Josie says to mind my own business. I get back at him, I steal his toys and dare him to take 'em back!

I usually take the toy and lay here like so and dare him to take it from me. Mom says I make the funniest sounds at Rags -- half whine, half moan. That's my "I mean it" sound!

He doesn't care much, nothing bothers Rags. Dennis caught him one day napping in his bed UNDER his cushion. You can only see his head!

One day Mom found a LOT of water all over the kitchen floor near our water dish and couldn't decide if someone drank too much water and burped it up, or someone had a big accident next to the water dish. THEN she set the bowl out in the floor and caught Rags doing this! I think he's stopped doing that now. (MOM: yeah! no more mopping)

But Rags is mostly pretty good; he gets along with everyone and he's learning what "do you want to go outside?" means, although he chews his bed during the day so Mom's pretty tired of sewing it up again. He's got more toys to chew in his pen so maybe he won't do that so much. He's going to need another bath soon -- Mom says besides muddy dog feet, she hates having stinky dogs! Aw poo.


(here's Rags posing pretty)