Friday, February 15, 2008

Meet Rags

Here he is -- this is Rags, our newest boarder doggie. He's here 'cause they say he tears up things. You'd never guess he was only 8 months old by the looks of him, he's a big boy! He likes to stare at the camera --- those green eyes are scary! (just camera flash)

He's so big he makes me feel little and old --- I'm in the background here. He's still staring at that camera!

He doesn't bother me much but he's so in love with Josie, he spends most of his time hanging around her. He bugs her a lot! Well, who wouldn't fall in love with Josie, I think she's hot!
Here he is in the blue collar with Josie, bugging her Grandma Emmy. Looks like he's kissing her kissing Emmy!

So far the worst thing he chews up is our toys. He's a shredder! He likes to shred the newspaper in his pen, but basically he's a pretty normal boy. He just fits right in; nothing complicated about ol' Rags! He's here 'til about the 22nd, then he'll go back home. Then I can go back to being the TALLEST dog in the house again! See how tall I can sit????

Oh, Mom says I can have another girlfriend this spring. My breeder told her that when her girl Mischief comes into season she was going to call me to come visit! Ohh boy I'm excited! I have a special smoking jacket I can wear when I meet the ladies. I look pretty sharp in it -- I'll have to get Mom to take a picture!
Don't tell Josie though -- she's the jealous type. Shhhhhh....

Till next time!

p.s. I hear Stewie is doing great in his new home!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Three Things I'd love to do....

Maggie and Mitch had this fun tag where you pick 3 things you'd do if you wouldn't get caught and didn't suffer consequences. Oh yeah! I need to narrow it DOWN to three...

1) Go dig and chase any kind of critter I feel like it without having to be put in the laundry tub by Mom. She is so picky about muddy feet in the house!

2) Eat all the carrots in the refrigerator; all the hot dogs, all the cheese, anything else, PLUS the big bag of doggie cookies in the kitchen, all the dog food in the big bag she keeps in a can, and all the people food... you said no consequences! Oh and eat all 4 rats Mom keeps in this PC room I'm using right now.

3) But what I'd REALLY like to do is get over the backyard fence and chase those rotten rabbits and squirrels and that FOX who all pass by and make me so mad. My people have fixed the fence so it's really much harder now to get out. I've done it before but not since they fixed it so I can't climb out anymore. Hmpf!

Mom had Uncle Dennis use the carpet shampoo-er tonight and he cleaned up all the carpet stains in the den, but we weren't allowed back on it, everyone had to go to bed when they were finished. I go upstairs and sleep with my people, it's no big deal for me!


Which is just what I'm going to do right now -- later everybody!

Love and snoozes,

Friday, February 8, 2008

Birthday for Josie

Well MOM was too busy or lazy to post our other news earlier than Friday night, so this is a little bit old but not too much. We also had a birthday party for Josie on the 30th since she turned 5 years old!

Here we are, best friends, waiting for the fun to begin. Bring on the ice cream Mom!

So now it's Miss Josie's turn to model the Birthday Hat and except for the lack of lighting she looks rather sharp in it!

Hogs at the trough ----

Mom had bought us some special Frosty Paws ice cream this time. They had some Peanut Butter flavored stuff and I never had that before! Ohhhh dog was that ever good! Here's Josie savoring the moment:

And finally here's Emmy showing us how much she REALLY LIKED that ice cream!!! Gene Simmons has nothing on her -- talk about your tongue shots. Stick that back in your mouth you naughty girlie! I'm so embarrassed.

Oh and you would never guess what Mom did to us tonight. She brought home ANOTHER dog to foster for a little while! He's 6 months old, he's a Bedlington but not related to us, and he's taller than I am! What the...? This one's problem is that he tears up his house, but tonight he didn't have the opportunity. We kept him busy playing games and he was too wiped out at bedtime to chew on anything. I can't believe it... another dog!! We'll have pics later.


Friday, February 1, 2008

Say Goodbye Stewie!

It's been a busy week with us Bedlingtons...

First of all, STEWIE GOT A NEW HOME!!! I have my sanity back! Mom was real sad to send him away, but we know his new people will love him. He went to the breeder's this past Tuesday morning to get a bath and his new family picked him up a few hours later, Mom said. They already have a half brother of his so he has a playmate. They're used to having us Bedlingtons so I know they'll be good to him. Yea!

Here he is kissing me goodbye... not the face! not the face!! ewwww... Josie stands by to make sure he behaves himself.

Chewing on a couple of last toys...check the Valentine's Day heart toy. It squeaks good!

Hey Mom can we jump him once more for old times' sake??

Posing with the Family, but why Josie is laying out flat is beyond me!

Bye, Stewie! (He says 'Thanks for everything!')

Mom says she's not staying up all night posting pics for me, so I'll show you what else we did this week a bit later!