Saturday, January 26, 2008

Playing with Stewie

These days there's not much to do around the house except when Mom takes me to my weekly agility class, so here's a little of what does happen around the house.

I'm still battling it out with Stewie -- Hey kid, I dare ya to take this bunny out of my mouth!


Here let me rough him up a bit for being such a wimp!

My mom Clancy in the background doesn't care if I'm bopping her grandson around, she's looking for a nice place to take another nap. Some Grandma she is!

The winner and still champ-een, ME!

Hey, the rumor is that Stewie might get another home next week! I heard Mom talking about it and if he's good and they like him, after a week they'll buy him! Oooohhh boy, I'm crossing my paws on this one! But Mom likes him an AWFUL lot.... she'll be sad! Stew will be 4 months old on Feb. 2nd. What a baby...

Meanwhile I'm bored -- somebody tag me I need something to do! Mom had videos taken of us last week at our agility class but she is clueless on how to post them. She's so dumb...


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Life with Stewie

Well it's the weekend again. Mom got out the camera so we can post updated pics of Stewie the Wild Puppy. He and I got haircuts last week and I must say I keep my 'do' longer than that little wild man does.

Here I am checking out a rat cage -- I'm doing my regular inspection to see what they're up to. They don't like me and I don't like them! I have to make sure they know who's boss. There are four of them but this one's cage is the easiest for me to reach.

When Stewie first came to the house before Christmas, he was so little and cute. Oh, yeah, little did WE know!
Man I couldn't get ANY sleep!

So now Stewie is 3 1/2 months old and look at him now -- half grown with an attitude! He looks more like a Bedlington with his new haircut. Mom still thinks he's cute and VERY sweet! aw Mom....

Look Mom he's taking a wiz under the table! (MOM: "Arrrrgh!")

Now just look at that innocent expression on his face. We know what you did....

What the....?? You just gave him a cookie! I can't believe it!!!

He sure is enjoying that little puppy cookie. So where's mine??

Oh now Stewie's great-grandma Emmy got into the act and wants some cookies. See what you started Mom? (not to mention Auntie Josie and Grandma Clancy just out of the picture) (MOM: "ooops")

Later, sports fans! It's snack time!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Puppy in My House

WELL as you can see that puppy is STILL HERE! I was hoping Santa Claus would pick him up on Christmas Eve and stuff him in his bag and fly away but that never happened... Mom says he is still learning to be a good puppy but I know she likes him anyway. So she finally got the camera out and got Dennis to take some pictures. Don't let the peaceful poses fool you! He's just 3 months old and a pure terror! It takes 3 of us to wrestle him, he's so bad. Mom gets a little worried when we all play Tag Team Wrestling but that little boy gives as good as he gets. He wears us out!

What annoys me the most is that Josie fell in love with him and she plays with him and not me anymore. She's MY woman and that's no fair! I get up and beat on her 'cause I'm jealous and she should only play with me. I have to get her attention by stealing Puppy's toys so they can chase me around. Then I just bark at them if they don't respond. It can get pretty noisy around the house!

We had a good Christmas otherwise but Puppy also got some presents. Mainly cookies, but why did HE get presents... Mom says we have to make him feel at home, he's not here forever. He sure thinks this is his home! She also says he's doing REALLY well since he got here. Yeah, he's terrorizing us!

So here is Puppy again being held by Mom.. she says I should call him by his name... Oh OK, his name is Stewie, like that cartoon character in "Family Guy". We made up a full name for him this morning. It's "Stewie Squidward SquarePants", 'cause when he first got here he was grouchy like that cartoon character Squidward in "SpongeBob SquarePants". (Dennis likes cartoons, that was his suggestion) Mom likes to call him Stewie Gooey and stuff like that. That's one good thing, I used to get called bizarre names when I was a puppy, now it's Puppy, er, Stewie's turn to get razzed! I think "Rudy Tootie Fresh and Fruity" is lots better than "Stewie Squidward SquarePants"! Hahahahahaha!

See the new rat calendar we have up in the PC room? Stewie doesn't know what rats are for yet, but he might like Earthdog someday. He likes to crawl under the board that's propped up against the couch so it's like a tunnel. That's my nephew, keepin' it all in the family! (more pics later)


Uncle Rudy