Sunday, June 29, 2008


Hi all!

We just got back from Earthdogging in New Jersey at the Dachshund Club of New Jersey's June Earthdog tests. Oh gosh was it ever HOT out there, we camped out like we usually do so we felt it. Mom borrowed our breeder's dog van so we could all travel in style and air-conditioning! She said it was cheaper than renting a car even though it's a big van. We had an extra doggie friend staying with us for the week so 5 dogs fit better in the van. It doesn't show here but I'm waiting for my turn at Junior on Saturday and I'm pretty nervous! I love Earthdog so much I whine and tremble...Mom tries to tell me it's alright but I know there's a rat to find and I'm excited!!! This is what we do in Earthdog --- wait our turn. The gate steward stands at the board and we check in and everyone waits. We go up to where the red tape is and we get let down to run to the tunnel entrance and disappear. That's Mom with her back to the camera on the left! The person visible over the board is waiting for her dog in the tunnel to do his thing... Yeah, it's wait wait wait -- see these people with their Westies. That one little guy on the right isn't real excited, is he? I could never nap like that before my turn! I did Junior and the Master tests this weekend, and had a blast! If you have your Master Earthdog title you can do any test you want to, so Mom picked a few tests for me. I had SO much fun, but Mom had to wet me down 'cause of the heat. This is a pic of me waiting for my turn after being wet down. I think I'm pretty handsome even when wet. Usually when you enter a test, the judge gets everyone together and tells them what he expects for the class. It's called "orientation" and it's a good idea to attend even though you've been doing Earthdog for years like Mom has. Every judge is different so you should attend. Well it was so hot one judge had his laying down under a tree! People can be so unfair sometimes. Can you imagine Mom and Dennis going swimming at the owner's pool after the tests were over on Saturday afternoon and leaving us in the tent area??? That's exactly what they did! Twice! All we got was a hose-down! Who can I complain to? Looks like Dennis is having a fine old time! Even in the heat the people were having fun. A couple of our doggie pals (including the judge from under the tree) were kidding around and showing off Mike's belt buckle which is SO un-Earthdog. A skull! At least it could be a rat skull, ya know? He ran a wire fox terrier named Sparkle in Senior Earthdog. She's a nice girl, we sat and panted in the heat together. On Sunday when I did Junior again, I did everything right and qualified! Mom had my pic taken with this Junior judge to mark the occasion since I messed up in Master and in Junior on Saturday. What the heck, it's only fun since I have all my titles anyway. I even chewed through 2 wooden bars at the end where the rat cage was and the judge had to hold up the Junior class 'til they replaced the bars. I do that sometimes but it happens! Mom got to keep a bar, too. It's an informal Earthdog thing we call the "Order of the Broken Bar" or if there's a little blood on it from chewing too hard, the "Order of the Bloody Broken Bar". I love it!! (no rats were harmed, just the bars)
And here's a bonus for all you sports fans -- my first video taken of me doing Earthdog. It's not long, it's just of Mom letting me down in the Junior class so I can dash to the tunnel and disappear through 30 feet and 3 90-degree turns to get to the rats and bark my brains out. Yesterday the judge said I was 4 seconds up to the rats so you know I was going fast through that tunnel.
Turn up the sound and you can hear me bellow! You can hear the judge teasing about how "those Bedlington people are always late". He's the guy with the belt buckle in a previous picture and always teases us. I had fun although that time I didn't qualify 'cause I left the rats 2 seconds before I should have. I was sooo excited, I was going to find another way to get at them. Oops!

Have a great week!

Love, Rudy

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Top Ten Funniest-Looking Dogs

Can you believe this? According to Dogster, the 5th funniest-looking dog IS..

A Bedlington! What gives?

I like to think I'm more handsome than this dude but he's only the 10th funniest looker:

Now this one is Number Four. His/her name is BooBoo and you don't want to mess with a face like that!

But the winner of the Funniest Looking Dog is this fellow!!!

I can't argue with a hairstyle like that.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

That's MY Ice Cream!

You know, if my people named me Rootbeer Float, you'd think any ice cream with my name on it would be for me, right? Not in People-Land, for all that my name might as well be Frosty Paws 'cause that's all I get. The people get to eat this yummy-looking stuff -- see?

I get this stuff instead! It's good and all, but it's not 'me' ---

Argh --- well anyway, I went with Mom last Sunday to a dog show and we entered Rally Obedience again. We were first dog in the ring for Excellent and it was our very first time doing it, so Mom was kind of nervous. I calmed her down and we got second place and fastest time! She messed up a couple of times but I'll get her going right the next time. Here's a shot of our ribbons --

One of these days SOMEONE will be available to take action shots of us...

Gettin' late Mom, I'm going to take a nap under the PC 'til you stop playing around and take me to bed!

Nighty night,
Rudy (aka Old Frosty Paws)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Rat Agility??

Has anybody ever heard of Rat Agility??? This is about the most exciting thing for me, a terrier, to watch! Mom's got 4 rats -- geez she should be training those little guys to do this. Wow!

It's too hot today to even think about going outside, so I'm watching TV and staying cool. Have a good weekend!


Friday, June 6, 2008

Let's all Sing Along!

Hi all!

I hope you all are staying cool -- the summer heat is back and if Mom takes me to another outdoor agility trial, I quit! (believe that and I have a bridge to sell you)

Not much to say right now, I got a beautiful new haircut today and Mom spent a lot of time working in the garden the last couple of evenings, but this weekend we're going to Harrisonburg VA to a Rally Obedience trials. I sure hope Mom can find someone to take our pic or a video of us. I'd hate to waste this new 'do' and not get a picture of it...

Mom read something on an agility list that's kind of neat. It's a song about agility, can you believe it??? It's a clip, not the whole song, but it's just great, Mom wants to order it.

Cut and paste the link and hit Number 6 on the album, "My All-American Boy" and be sure and plug in MY name instead of what she sings!! heh heh. Remember it's just a clip but you get what the song's about.


(My Mom's All American Boy)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Agility Fun!


I was out having more fun this weekend with Mom and Emmy. We all went to Maryland to another agility trials, this time it was outside which is very exciting. Even Emmy runs faster outside -- then we call her Outside Emmy. "Inside Emmy" can be pretty slow sometimes... but I digress...

This place was so far we had to cross a big long bridge over a lot of water. Mom says it's the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Was it ever long and tall! (Mom needs to clean her windshield!)

Here comes another tall part of the bridge --- ooooh ---

Good thing I'm not afraid of heights!

I can see land! We made it!

So where are we??? You mean this isn't where we're going?? are we there yet?

Oh no -- another bridge! (got kind of blurry here)

Oh wow -- I remember this place, we were here last fall! What a pretty drive up to the farm.

Hey look who came out to see us! My Uncle Bro! He's Mom's brother, I haven't seen him in ages! He lives a long way away from us and we miss him. He's lots of fun...

Emmy REALLY likes him too!

I loooove to jump!!! Mom wet me down 'cause it was so HOT on Saturday...

And nobody can say I'm afraid of heights...

When I come out of a tunnel, watch out 'cause I FLY!

Someone was taking pics at ringside -- she does good work -- Mom can't wait to see what she got of me!

Here I am on Sunday afternoon after qualifying in Excellent Jumpers enjoying my reward of liverwurst. Mom you just don't know what you're missing! (Mom: Yuck!)

And on Saturday night before we went to bed at Mom's parents' house (Grandma and Grandpa's) I found a new friend! He's not a wheelie but he's cute!

It was a fun weekend and I saw lots of friends from agility class, saw lots of other doggies, and got a ribbon too. Emmy also got a ribbon in her Open Jumpers class but she didn't like the heat either. Mom says it had to have been 85 degrees out there. We were even rained out Saturday afternoon with thunder and lightning!

I was glad to get back home to tell my doggie mom Clancy and my girlfriend Josie all about it!