Monday, May 26, 2008

We Go to the Vet


Oh yeah, Mom had to add a trip to the vet as one of our weekend activities. Instead of bringing just one of us like she usually does, she brought me, Josie, and Emmy! Did she think she would get a group rate? Ha! Dream on!

Alright, Mom, just why did you bring me here this time???

Well this person seems friendly! Hey, you're one of those people that help hold us for the vet! Uh....

Oh Geez! I'm running for the door -- they just took some blood out of my leg!
I'm making a break for it!!

Oh here comes Josie -- did they take blood out of YOUR leg too???

"Hey Rudy you chicken, it wasn't THAT bad!"

Oh OK it really wasn't so bad, but they let go of me and I wasn't going to stick around... and one of them did give us cookies...

So Mom took us home and the vet people called and said it was alright for us to get some cheese! Wasn't that nice of them. Funny, that cheese had a pill in it.
(MOM: it was your heartworm tablet, dog!) Yum!

Ok Mom, I love pills with cheese on them! Mom's going to take my doggie mom Clancy to the vet later on when it's cooler 'cause Clancy hates traveling in the car anyway, warm weather just makes it worse for her and she's already 12 years old...
Should I tell her about the blood from the leg?



Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Drain Pipe Chipmunk

I don't remember if I told you about the time we pulled the drainpipe off the corner of the garage last summer, but since Dennis put a new one up, the humans haven't tossed the old pipe away. Guess who was back on Saturday morning??? Mom was out digging in the garden and witnessed these scenes!

I'm at the lower end, chewing for all I'm worth. Even Mom could hear the scrabbling going on in the pipe -- she left it lying in the yard and the chipmunk was hiding there when we discovered him!

I thought maybe I could chew on the middle while the girls chew on the ends.

Come on out you silly chipmunk!!!

Emmy was looking for him under the pipe ---- such a barking racket we made!

We were in it for the long haul, so Mom got the pipe away from us and shook the little guy out (MOM: it was a young one) and it somehow vanished! (MOM: it ran out under the gate) We wouldn't stop chewing so she put the pipe over the fence. No fair Mom!

So we spent a bit of time sniffing around to see where he went!

Such a beginning to our Memorial Day weekend ---

I'm going to play a game now and answer some questions! Mack's got a fun game going on:

The rules of the game get posted at the beginning. Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post,the player than tags 4 or 5 people and post their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you have posted your answer.

Here goes:

1.What were you doing 10 years ago?
Plotting my new life from up in Heaven and how much fun I planned to have!

2. What are 5 things on your to do list for today?
Sleep as long as I can, hunt for critters in the yard, bug Mom for goodies,
get Mom to pet me, and oh yeah, mark my territory as best I know how.

3. Snackies I enjoy:
Most anything Mom gives me, but let's see -- cheese, dog cookies of ANY kind,
chicken, bits of apple, carrot (it's what I live for), and all sorts of doggie
training treats when we train agility.

4. Things I would do if I was a billionaire:
Huh -- I'd get all the women my heart could stand (I'm not neutered)
and make Mom quit her job so she could be with ME all day long and do
stuff with me.

5. Three of my bad habits:
Alerting Mom to every single noise out front of the house even after she
told me to stop that, sneaking over the backyard fence now and then
(drives Mom crazy!), and wanting to leave with her every time she gets
ready to leave the house (hey she might change her mind!).

6. 5 places I have lived:
Of course with my doggie Mom at the breeder's and just like Mack's
breeder, she called my Mom and said she had her next "Nathan"
who was her best buddy at the time. Then I came to live with Mom and
that's been it -- I haven't lived anywhere else. I've been to a lot of
places but I've only lived in 2 places.

Last but not least:
7. 5 jobs I have had:
Oh, lets' see -- I've been a competitor in Earthdog, the AKC sport of go-to-
ground for small terriers, I'm currently Mom's Star Agility Dog and
Babysitter, I'm the guardian of the house when my people are gone
during the day, I'm Josie's running coach (playing chase around the yard),
and as a tiny puppy I was the Torturer of Older Dogs! Oh yeah big time!!

So if anybody wants to play, feel free. I have more stories to tell soon, it's
been a busy weekend!


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Supervising is hard work

Hi all!

Sorry for not posting sooner -- due to a lack of camera power, my indoor agility trials went un-documented the 10th and 11th, but we did REALLY WELL so I have to show the booty I got to take home! I got a little tiger stuffie to play with, too. I should have 4 ribbons but Mom didn't realize we'd qualified in one class and never picked one up! I wish she'd read the rules before entering these things...

At first I was a little cranked up the first day so we didn't qualify until our 3rd class, the Pairs Relay, and we got 2nd place. Our partner was worried that her doggie Tara wouldn't like me, she didn't like many other dogs, but heyyyy, I'm so charming she didn't mind me at all! I ran pretty well in the other classes and can do the distance handling required in the Gamblers class, so Mom was happy with that.
Then on Sunday we really went to town and qualified in all 3 classes of the day! Plus 2 second place ribbons, so that was her Mom's Day present from me. A nice end to a rainy weekend... she bought me a teeter base to go with the teeter board we have at home. Maybe I'll get Mom to take pics of Bedlingtons on our new agility see-saw!

Had a busy day today, at least the people did. I was PROMISED we'd go to the Rally Obedience trial and debut at Rally Excellent, but Mom chickened out! She decided to sleep in instead... she is such a weenie about moving up a level, happens every time in any dog sport. She's got to stop being so Type A about this. I'm here for the fun!
So she got Dennis to go run errands with her and came back and they both spent the rest of the day outside doing yard work.

This is what Mom did to the junky far side of the garage, cleaned it up and got all the leaves and stuff out of the former day-lily bed. She says the wood and old windows are going to the dump when they can get there:

Meanwhile Dennis put up some new garage lights that are supposed to turn on when anyone moves outside. Wonder if that means doggies too?

He even put up a new downspout to replace the one we all tore off the garage when we smelled a chipmunk up in there one day. Oh was that ever fun! Josie had one end (shown here) and chewed it shut and the rest of us were barking at the other end and Mom had to shoo us away and get the little guy out! Looks like she's got another flower bed to clean out, too....

Josie here is hunting for critters in the garden fencing Mom threw over the fence while cleaning out the ol' day-lily bed!

Mom finally planted her peony that a friend gave her a cutting of last year. It's about time, it's almost ready to have flowers. It's in the 'new' day-lily bed. I wonder, if it's call a pee-on-ee, why can't we pee on it??? She fenced it off so we can't! That's silly...

We noticed the rhododendrons by the far side are in bloom! It's rained so much the flowers look great! I'm even smiling ---

Mom even got out the little raspberry cane that died in its pot last summer that came back to life, dug it a hole by the far fence and planted it. I have to check the hole in case something pops out I can chase:

In its new home there, getting a drink of water. It's in there somewhere! Again she fenced it off so we won't christen it. Ha!

Time for a hunting break in 'the jungle' next to the big veggie garden -- all this work is too much for me to take!

Josie brought a dead mole into the kitchen and left it for Mom to find this afternoon (eeek!) and I'm looking for more! No pics of that, we'll spare you ---

Meanwhile Dennis was putting up chicken-wire on the back fence in the big veggie garden so those mean old rabbits won't sneak in and try to eat stuff Mom's trying to grow, like lettuce. My people prefer home-grown lettuce when the bunnies allow! She's seen grown rabbits get through the wire fencing so they bought chicken wire to stop 'em. We'll see if that works --- Josie got a rabbit last summer that sneaked in. She thought that was great!

Whew -- supervising all this activity really wore me out. It's been so rainy lately everyone had to get the yard work started and do as much as possible. I'm pooped...

I hope Mom doesn't do much yard work tomorrow ---

(Mom's listening to a doo-wop Internet radio station and it's driving me nuts! She's so OLD sometimes...)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Last Month's Trials

I'm told I'm going to an agility trials this weekend so I know I'll have a lot of fun. I have some pics Mom took at our last trials to post; she FORGOT to do it! That's so rude of her...

We were in MD April 19-20 and we saw a whippet there checking his scores behind the plexiglass. I think he had his dad tell him what they were 'cause as you can see he was 'way too short to read anything:

Emmy and I did a fair bit of waiting around for our turn. We stayed in my big new crate which has my name on it! Some guy was trying to run for President and when it wasn't working out we got some cool new stickers with my name on it! What are the odds....

Emmy took this waiting around a bit to the next level. She's always been a pretty relaxed dog -- look at her -- she's ringside, waiting for her turn, and she's laying on Dennis and taking a nap! He IS rubbing her tummy, though....

We had a good time at the trials -- I qualified for the first time at Excellent A Standard with all the large scary equipment like the see-saw, dog walk and A-frame, and Emmy earned her Open Jumpers Preferred title, so Mom was pleased. We had a nice ride home in the Jeep:

Emmy's going to sit this trials out, but yeah, I think we'll have fun just Mom and me this weekend!

In class this week I was extra fast 'cause I still thought I was at a lure coursing event. Mom spent a lot of time running to catch me. I think our teacher noticed...
Maybe I won't be AS fast tomorrow so Mom won't have to run so hard -- ha ha!

Stay tuned,

Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Day at the Races

Hi again!

Mom was real nice to me today and took me to the lure coursing trials up the road from us this afternoon so I could try some for myself. Ohhh Mom this is the greatest! I just about lost my mind for the 2 1/2 hours it took for us to wait for practice at the end of the trials. Next time we're going later!

Every time some dogs came flying by after those white plastic thingies I would cry and carry on so bad that Mom had to speak to me! Wouldn't you??? If she wanted to take a pic she had to stand on my leash or I'd try to run and join the fun! It was so hard to be a good boy and mind her.

Here I am with one paw up and panting, I was so excited!

Here are some Rhodesian Ridgebacks zooming by:

Mom didn't get many pics, I was such a wild man when anybody came racing by, but this Scottish Deerhound looked like he needed help, he was just loping around:

So his Mom came out to show him the rules. Looks like he figured it out!

So FINALLY the trials were over and we got in line for practice. But the closer we got to the start line, the crazier I got with the barking, whining, crying, lunging -- Mom had to get after me! I saw those white plastic thingies up close and I wanted them. BAD!!!! I had to be last in line 'cause I was the only non-sighthound and everyone else was, so that just made me nuttier.

We got up to the start line, Mom holding onto my collar for dear life, and the call came: "Tally Ho!" and I was off like a shot! Zoooooooooooommmmmmmmmmm!
Mom was in shock! Those white plastic thingies were running as fast as they could and so was I.

Then after a bit, they disappeared! I thought they'd gone into a hole so I sniffed all around the orange cone, hopped around looking for them, and then they came flying back so I chased them some more. This was happening several times! Mom managed to get a shot of me standing there looking at those weird plastic things.

After Mom picked me up, I saw the plastic thingies come flying back to us and zip around the operator's ladder where he was. Oooohhhhh I wanted them so much! I was struggling so hard to get down and do it again!!! Mom was so mean she didn't let me! She promised me we'd come back in August when they play lure coursing again. Oh! What'll I do 'til then????? I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

Too bad they don't let terriers compete in this, I could get used to it!


Friday, May 2, 2008

He's Gone!!!

Hi everybody!

Well Rags is in his FOREVER HOME now. The people sent a check and now he's theirs to keep. He's got one other male dog to play with and his people are really happy. He's living down south of here, 30 miles below Washington, DC. Mom misses him but she's glad he's got a good home and the people are good to him.
I'm just as happy but I also miss him ---*only a little*!

He stole my women and toys all the time. Here he is with Clancy, Emmy, and a squirrel-y toy...

He stole my popcorn that I just know Mom would've let ME have...

Always had his eye on Josie even when he KNEW she was really my woman! Here she is in Rags' pen when she was in season and had to stay in during the day. At night she stayed in a crate. He's sneaking around the side to see if he can get in there and talk to her.

Josie says "Let me out!"

Oh and forget begging for things -- our noses looked so much alike Mom couldn't tell which dog was which!

Hey Mom, it's me! Don't you recognize your baby boy's nosie?

This is our last pic of me, Josie, and Rags in the kitchen. Mom had JUST mowed the yard and we all had very green legs... she had to bring him over the next morning to the breeder/groomer's with grass stains, but she bathed him before the new people came to get him. Can you not tell my people still haven't finished re-doing the kitchen? They are so lazy..

And hey -- big news -- you're going to be hearing from me much more often now. Today Dennis came home early and some guys came and installed 'high speed' so Mom can help me blog and it goes so much faster. She actually did all this in less than half an hour. WOW!!! It's about time; this staying up half the night on Fridays doing my blog was really boring! I have more pics and things to talk about!

Later sports fans!