Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Little Down Time...

Ya know, we're not always running around doing fun things.. we do have our down times...between fun things!

Ollie has discovered social media sites ---

I like to catch a few rays when I can --

On a nice day Mom and Dennis will do dinner outside -- yum, steak!! Dennis' latest hobby is wine-making, so that wine is his.

Josie and Emmy get some beauty sleep --

Uh oh Ollie is bored! (hmm who chewed the fringe off that rug?)

"What -- I'm not going to bother the girls, I'm just sitting here"

So what does he do -- he's making out with Josie!

Get a room!

Don't give me that innocent look... I'm telling!

Ollie spends 'wayyy too much time on the Internet!


Friday, April 9, 2010

Tribute to an Old Friend...

Hi all --

I'm back again! Mom has GOT to get off that FB site and let me blog more often!

But she did find me a sweet video of an old classmate of mine who passed away very suddenly last year. Jazz was in our agility classes and we saw him and his mom at agility trials a lot. He sure was a lot of fun!
Today is the one-year anniversary of his passing so I'm taking a moment to remember --
(sorry this is cut off -- we can't figure out how to make it FIT)

His mom found another little brown boy and named him Jeter (after the Yankees ballplayer) and he's a cutie. He's learning to follow in Jazz's paw-steps and become another awesome agility dog.

Fun fact: Jazz came from the same kennel as the President's doggie!

Run fast, run clean, old pal...