Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Really Fine Day to be Outside

Whoa was it ever beautiful outside! It was a rainy start to our Sunday (Mom was grumpy as we got to the agility trials) but she got better as the sun came out.

We got some pics from the show photographer so you can see just how much fun I had.
We had entered the FAST class first (well you'd think every class was a fast class, that's what you want, but this was a game). We had to make up our own course but each obstacle has a point value and you're supposed to get so many points and also try the distance challenge. That's when Mom can't cross this tape on the ground but she has to direct me over a few things while I'm a distance away from her. Today she finally understood the rules so we had a blast. We got the most points in the shortest amount of time and we got the blue ribbon! Doesn't happen often, let me tell you.

Then it was time to run my Standard course.

Gettin' ready, and I'm grinning in anticipation:

OK Go!!!

I clear Jump Number One with the greatest of ease...

Then I blast through the chute:

Eventually I go over this jump where I can show off my superb jumping form in front of the judge:

Then I flash my winning smile to the audience while posing on the table:

Then it's up and over the A-frame!

And over the dreaded triple jump that's right after the A-frame and right before the corner of the ring. Lots of dogs told me they had trouble with this one. They didn't jump high enough and knocked part of it down. Uh oh, that's not good! As you can see I had no problems!

I'm coming out of the tunnel and looking for my next obstacle here:

That's all the pics but I finished in fine form and we got a ribbon. Mom was happy, and in Jumpers we ran really fast (Mom says I beat her again!), but she messed us up at the last jump. Ohh nooo! It was a fast run though. We'll go again in 3 weeks up to Maryland to try our luck. Ollie came with us to see everything but he wanted to take a nap after a while. He's still a baby!

Going to go rest up now --

(p.s. my puppies are opening their eyes now! Mom says they're adorable...)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Ugh not more Rain...

Hi all,

This is ridiculous, more rain today?? Mom's promised me a nice sunny weekend and so far I see no sign of it. That rain better clear out or she's got some explaining to do!

Since our camera won't work anymore it's been hard to blog about anything! I'm waiting for some pics we can post from our latest agility trials and Earthdog weekend that other people took of us.
We did have some climbing-out-of-the-pen issues with Ollie lately. He can get out of the big pen we have for him. We found a video of another Bedly puppy that also climbs.
Picture a brown Bedly puppy climbing out of an ex-pen in this video!

So we borrowed a huge crate for a Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound) which is tall and has a top for it and that stopped that! It's like a big ROOM for Ollie now. He loves it!
He'll be 6 months old on June 2nd and he's getting to be a big boy. His first show is on June 14th in Pennsylvania and MOM has to show him!!! (MOM: Oh nooooo!)
He's been going to Puppy class and does pretty well on a leash. Mom would rather do most anything than show in the conformation ring! She thinks if the dog loses it's her fault. I'd rather do agility or anything than go in the ring, myself; showing is BO-RING!

(going to another agility trials on Sunday in Maryland. woohoo!)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cigars All Around!

Heyyyyy, I'm a daddy again! Last night, sometime in the wee hours, my girlfriend Belle surprised everyone and had our puppies behind our breeder's back, and had them in her crate three days early! She didn't want any fuss and told me she knew how to do it and didn't need any help from anybody. That's my girl!!

Three girls, two boys, all blue and healthy. I wasn't expecting any brown babies 'cause Belle isn't related to any brown Bedlys in her family. All are healthy and so is Belle. They're all just little black blobs that drink and poop but I think they're beautiful!

Belle was my date in Kentucky when we were there in March. She lives in Virginia at the breeder's but we decided to meet up in Kentucky while at the dog show. Mom is so excited to go see them when she gets some time. Our breeder has already picked out a name for the girl she's going to keep. It's "Chelsea's Blueberry Smoothie".
Since I'm "Rootbeer Float", I guess we all have to have that kind of name. Mom thinks it's cute.

So we have some new arrivals. Mom wishes she could keep a little boy -- ohhh no, I have enough on my paws with that pest Ollie!

Rudy (puffing on my cigar)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Me Too???

Hi All,

We got a link to a post that describes the New York City Public Housing Authority's new list of banned dog breeds on their properties starting May 1st. Half of these dogs I've never heard of, but wait'll you get a load of who else is on the list!
Watch out, Mack, Tanner, Doofus, and your cousins!

Akita Inu, Alangu Mastiff, Alano Español, American Pit Bull Terrier,
American Staffordshire Terrier, Argentine Dogo, Bedlington Terrier,
Boston Terrier, Bull and Terrier, Bull Terrier, Bully Kutta, Cane Corso,
Dogue de Bordeaux, Dogo Sardesco, English Mastiff, Fila Brasiliero,
Gull Dong, Gull Terr, Irish Staffordshire Bull, Korean Jindo Dog,
Lottatore Brindisino, Neapolitan Mastiff, Perro de Presa Canario (Canary Dog),
Perro de Presa Mallorquín (Ca de Bou), Shar Pei, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Tosa Inu.

What the ??? To quote this blog, 'How many out of control Bedlington Terriers are there in New York public housing projects ?'

This link was sent to one of the Bedlington lists so you can see for yourself:

Not being in NYC I don't know whatever became of their banned breeds list, but I sure hope they've changed it by now! My feelings are hurt...

(p.s. Mom and Dennis are still working on the camera issue)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rainy and Bored

Hi gang!

Yesterday it stopped raining for most of the day here, so we got outside and Mom chopped weeds in the garden. Ollie went nuts 'cause she usually tosses weeds to him so he can chew on them, but he's too small to jump in the garden. He was really upset so Mom tossed him a few to play with. He and I got our legs really green from Mom mowing the grass! This morning she washed our legs 'cause the sight of us was too bizarre to take anymore. Green-legged Bedlingtons..

Mom has promised me she'll look for a camera while she's out today, so while the rain comes down and we're doing NOTHING, here's another video of a really smart dog.
We don't have a nice scratchy hill to slide down like he has!

Looks like fun!


Friday, May 1, 2009

While I'm Waiting...

Hi all,

Mom still hasn't broken down and gotten a new camera, so while I'm WAITING, we found a funny video of a parrot I'd like to take dancing lessons from! He's got the beat!
At one point he's got a little head-banger action going on...

And when will the SUN ever come out again? It's been so cloudy and wet and dreary, all I want to do is nap...