Sunday, May 27, 2007

My Celebrity Look-Alike

Hi everyone!

Mom says I've been tagged again -- we had to come up with what celebrity I look most like. Guess which one I look like in these pictures!! When Mom was a little girl she used to watch Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop on TV in Minnesota, and she says I look most like Lamb Chop. I don't know about that but I think Shari Lewis is cute! The pic on the left is her daughter and ol' Lamb Chop. I know LC misses her mom now but Shari's daughter Mally takes good care of her. I've even heard of a Bedlington named Lamb Chop. Who knew!

I sort of thought I looked like John O'Hurley from "Dancing with the Stars" and "Seinfeld" (as J. Peterman) with the silver hair -- he's debonair and soooo good looking. Mom's a huge fan of "Dancing" but we can't get a picture to post tonight -- you'll just have to look him up on the web! Mom saw him in person a couple of years ago at a dog show where he was a host on TV, and he's even better looking in person! (or so she says)

There's still more stuff to talk about so I'll leave you all in suspenders (haha) 'til I write again...


Friday, May 18, 2007

Posting at Long Last

What -- Oh my it has been a while since I blogged last! Where has the time gone. I'll tell you where, it's gone to Mom's bad knee that's where! That's all she thinks about, not about me! There's so much to talk about and she's going to physical therapy, she's taking a nap, she's going to work.... then lets Uncle Dennis hog the PC in the evening. I might as well lie in bed and read magazines and wear Dennis's glasses! Man, how does he see ANYTHING in these things?
(blink blink)

Well --- Josie's puppies have their eyes open and can wobble around and be puppies, but Mom hasn't gotten any good pics of them right now... She's just useless I tell you!

Emmy's and my trip to the elementary school to show them how we do agility went well. Mom didn't go but of course she didn't get a copy of that picture either. I'm so mad at her! The kids loved getting a turn running us through the 2 jumps and a tunnel. We both love kids and were just in doggie heaven with all those 10-year-olds.

And we went away to an Earthdog weekend last weekend. I forgot how much fun it was! While we were there Mom got us a couple of fancy Earthdog collars and a leash to match. Aren't I handsome in it, plus the doggie bandana with the rat applique??? Sorry this doesn't show the rat on the pic very well, but you get the idea.

Here is the entrance to where they had the Intro tunnel area on Sunday. There are a couple of dogs waiting their turn and they look excited! Emmy and my mom Clancy got to go there on Sunday and they did well. I was in the Senior class both days and had lots of fun, but couldn't get past that first turn in the tunnel entrance somehow, so I backed out and ran in the other entrance and tunneled up to the rats and hurled insults at them! I didn't get a ribbon but it was a terrible lot of fun.


And here we are waiting for Mom and Uncle Dennis to finish packing up the tent into the Jeep so we can all go home! (l to r: Clancy, Emmy, and me)

So much more to talk about; it's time for bed now!


Wednesday, May 2, 2007

While I'm Away...

Mom pulled a fast one on me and Emmy yesterday and told Auntie Linda we could go to her house today and take part in a doggie agility demonstration for a local elementary school! Oh the nerve she didn't even ask me. Linda brought Josie over with her puppies to stay while we're gone!!
I saw Josie come up the sidewalk -- I was so happy to see her! Then that mean old Linda grabbed me up and put me in a crate in her van! What?? I thought I was going to get to play with Josie.. (snif, sob) Emmy got put in the next crate over and with some jumps Linda got from Mom, off we went!

So here's an updated pic of Josie with her one-week-old puppies for you to enjoy while Emmy and I are out for the day. I don't know if Mom is going to the school or not so she can take pictures. She's still at home with her sore and swollen knee (surgery was this past Thursday) and the doc said to stay home with it 'til Thursday. Yesterday (shh don't tell anyone) she was bad and tried to run me through some agility jumps in the back yard. She ended up just walking a few steps while directing me over a circle of jumps. She gets around like she's 90 years old right now! She was icing her knee good yesterday afternoon, but it was SO NICE outside she couldn't help herself...

Ta for now!