Thursday, August 19, 2010

True Colors Thursday

What? Oh I've missed so many Thursdays I've lost count and FINALLY we remembered!
We did find some things around here rainbow-like...

An old soda-can insulator-thingy Mom got at the beach 4 years ago:

Some little snake-y stuffed toy:

And here I am, Mom made me pose with some multicolored toys we have. I have a new haircut too so I'm cool as can be now!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Show Biz?

Hmmm... I'm thinking about branching out into show biz.... this dog is auditioning for a talent show. Maybe I should stick to dog agility? He does have some good moments though!


Saturday, August 7, 2010

It Pays to be a Judge...

So Mom came home from judging today with a green bag of goodies. This club really has some good stuff for their judges!

There's a bag of chocolates for Mom on the left, a purple toy, a pet store gift card so Mom can buy us more treats, a bag of TREATS FOR US, and a coupon for Mom to get a pic of me painted on an art tile. Of course she'll have a pic of me on it!!

If you look close there's a tile near the bottom of the page with a pic of our Deerhound buddy Coll on it. Small world! He takes Obedience class on Mondays when Ollie has his agility class. Cool.

I hope Mom goes judging more often!


New Arrivals!!!!

Cigars for everydoggie! Ollie's new kids are here --- 3 boys, 1 girl! They were born Friday morning (the 6th), and they are what we call 'blue'. They are born black and will lighten up to near-white or light gray by the time they reach 6 months. Human Mom has already been over to see the little babies. They all have a patch of white on their chests and all they do is drink and poo.... Doggy-Mom Jamie and kids are fine!

Ollie is my great-nephew so I must be a great-great-uncle to these pups?

Mom is staying up late studying something really hard. She's going to judge a Rally Obedience trials for the local 4-H Fair! Hey I used to do that -- we got all our titles, but I always loved agility better. Mom uses me as a guinea pig to test out Rally courses for the class she teaches. To me it's just another thing I can do to get cheese!!! mmmmmmm..

I better get her to stop and go to bed or she'll be one sleepy judge tomorrow -- later!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Running with a Substitute

Hi Gang!

Looks like it's time for my monthly report. I'm so slow with the blogging, you know Mom hogs the laptop all the time and I can hardly get it away from her. I do a lot of snoozing instead!
A couple of weeks ago at our last agility trials Mom pulled a hamstring (what is that -- sounds yummy!) while running me that Saturday. She couldn't run with me anymore so she got a friend of ours to run with me on Sunday. Hey I know the course, who needs a human?? I can read numbers... I don't mind running with another person unlike some dogs. I love running and I love people.

Anyway we did really well together and we qualified in Jumpers and almost got it in Standard. Mom got a video of us running in Jumpers. She's feeling better but still she gets people to run me AND Ollie in our classes..

Enjoy --

Mom hopes she's well enough to run me weekend-after-next. She better take care, I run pretty fast!

BTW Ollie may become a daddy very soon -- first girlfriend Jamie is very close to having some. Puppy watch!