Sunday, April 29, 2007


The blessed event has happened! Sorry this is a little late -- I was having too much fun chatting at the DWB Pawty all weekend. It was a blast!

Josie went into labor at dinner this past Tuesday the 24th and had all her puppies by midnight. This picture was taken the morning of the 25th when they were about 12 hours old. Four healthy babies, 3 girls and one boy. Mom wants to call them Eeny Meeny Miney and Moe, but I think Aunt Linda has other plans for them! They sure are big babies for Bedlingtons, but they're sweet little things (according to Mom). They all have homes already! It's just hard to find Bedlington puppies so Auntie Linda has to take reservations a lot of times.

The babies are born black if they are going to be "blue" and will turn grey/white or nearly so at 6 months (like Josie here). They have black eyes and black noses. I myself am a "sandy" or "liver" color so I was born dark brown and turned light brown/beige by 6 months old. I have brown eyes and a brown nose. We Bedlingtons do that!

Josie had the babies at Aunt Linda's 'cause Linda knows how to birth baby puppies; Mom just knows how to train us. Mom would love to have another puppy at our house but I wouldn't!! This is my house too and I want no more puppies here. They're too much trouble! So Josie is over there for 2 months or until the puppies are weaned and then she can come home and have fun with us again. Sure is quiet around here without her. She usually starts the trouble around here which is fun!

I'll have more pictures later when Mom can get over there with her camera again --


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Gettin' Ready to Pawty!

Well I'm just about ready to join the big Dogs With Blogs Wine and Cheese Pawty now -- got my local Virginia-winery wine, got my cheeeeeze (more cheese pleeze) and crackers.... oops Mom forgot the wine glasses! She thinks the wine's just for her. That's OK I like cheese better. She needs to get more cheese don't you think?

Don't overlook my April calendar on the wall behind me -- if you look hard it's got Miss April on it, a momma rat and her babies (not visible here). Since I like rats so much Mom tries to get a rat calendar every year.
They are not easy to find! Almost as hard as Bedlington calendars!

Josie probably won't be here when the big Pawty starts -- she's supposed to have her puppies by then. Oh boy is she ever fat now. I'll have Mom post her pics later.

Pawty on!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Interview!

Mom was very excited this week -- we had to answer some interview questions for a reporter from a big fancy foo-foo national dog magazine. They want to do an article on some very special Bedlingtons like me! I won't name them yet but they are a dog-show-only mag and they just did one on Dandie Dinmonts (what is a Dandie Dinmont, Mom?). I want her to get me about a dozen copies when the article comes out! The article's supposed to be about Bedlingtons with both conformation and Earthdog titles. I helped Mom with her answers and we had to send some pictures of us doing Earthdog and getting ribbons for our good work. I sure hope they use a picture of me... in this one I'm running in the field looking for interesting rat smells at one Earthdog test a year or two ago.

She sent the reporter's contact info to some other people with Bedlingtons like me, so they'll also send pictures and answer questions. There aren't that many of us, and I think Mom has titled the most -- five Bedlingtons with Earthdog titles. We're a fairly rare breed!

This is a picture of my grandpa Joey back before I was born, barking at a rat in an Earthdog tunnel. They opened the lid over the rats and the lid over the dog to show what's going on under there. When the dog has barked and dug long enough, the judge opens the lid and the handler gets the dog out. It's a lot of fun when the dog decides he doesn't want out and backs up far enough so nobody can reach him! Ask Josie how that works, and how Mom had to practically drag her out by her head last time she did that! (heh heh)

I don't know when the article will be published, and I hope it is, so we'll keep you posted. This is like the time I was interviewed by Isabella. If I don't watch out my head will grow so big I won't be able to fit in a tunnel anymore!



Sunday, April 8, 2007

My Bad....

Oh I was such a bad boy yesterday, the day before Easter. I ate the Easter cake!! Oh I was so bad... when Mom and Uncle Dennis left Saturday morning for breakfast and to run errands, I was busy pulling the plastic bag off the counter that had the cake in it. I ripped through the plastic wrap and ate the butter-pecan cake! She bought it homemade from someone at work on Friday, and I'm here to tell you it was GOOD. That yummy white frosting, the marshmallow Peep on top, the jelly bean, the nice cake... ooohh boy. It was the diameter of about 4 regular cupcakes and a little taller, and oh so nice!

When Mom came home, I was too embarrassed to even greet her at the kitchen gate. I hid in my bed! I couldn't pretend Josie did it, she was locked up in her pen with Emmy. First thing Mom saw was the poop I did in the kitchen, but then she saw the shredded bag and plastic wrap... I know that look! I was in the proverbial dog house the rest of the day! (burrrrp) My tummy was upset by dinnertime (no pics of that please!) so I got no dinner. aww man!

Today I was still burping, so Mom gave me some Pepcid (1/2 tab) and I feel better now. I'm getting rice and boiled chicken tonight. Yay! I love rice and chicken! The people had Peeps anyway and candy-coated chocolate eggs for dessert instead of that yummy cake...

After dinner Mom brought out our rabbit toy, and I ran off with it and beat it up. I love taking revenge on the Easter bunny! My dog mom Clancy wanted to play with it but I told her no.

Here I am telling the other dogs to stay away. grrrr.... After I got tired of it Clancy got it anyway.

I hope this doesn't mean Mom's not going to take me to that agility class she forgot last week..



Thursday, April 5, 2007

The agility class that wasn't!

(Mom took this picture of me and Emmy in our big huge crate at the Louisville agility trials last month. We were just beginning our collection of ribbons! We ended up with 7 altogether! The Bedlington in the crate next to us was really jealous.)

Oh you won't believe what Mom did tonight. All week she's been taking Emmy and me to our classes after her work -- Emmy had Monday and Wednesday, and I had my Rally Obedience class on Tuesday night. So tonight she came home, fed us, watched TV and had some dinner and then got changed to take me to my agility class that's lots of fun 'cause I get to run a lot. We left the house around 8:00 and we're in the Jeep and almost all the way there, and Mom just goes to the gas station and fills the Jeep up with gas! Huh? So she then turns around and drives me back home! Is she crazy?

She finally said she remembered that my class was at 6:30 on Thursday, not 9:00 so we totally missed it! Oh rats!!! Isabella wait for me, I'm running away from home too! I'm packin' my bags... she doesn't love me anymore. She better remember it next week or I really am going to leave!

Josie just laughed -- she's expecting puppies April 24th so all she can think of is food. She was happy 'cause Mom got home earlier so now Josie can beg for food earlier. Josie's so selfish! She only thinks of herself and food...