Sunday, April 8, 2007

My Bad....

Oh I was such a bad boy yesterday, the day before Easter. I ate the Easter cake!! Oh I was so bad... when Mom and Uncle Dennis left Saturday morning for breakfast and to run errands, I was busy pulling the plastic bag off the counter that had the cake in it. I ripped through the plastic wrap and ate the butter-pecan cake! She bought it homemade from someone at work on Friday, and I'm here to tell you it was GOOD. That yummy white frosting, the marshmallow Peep on top, the jelly bean, the nice cake... ooohh boy. It was the diameter of about 4 regular cupcakes and a little taller, and oh so nice!

When Mom came home, I was too embarrassed to even greet her at the kitchen gate. I hid in my bed! I couldn't pretend Josie did it, she was locked up in her pen with Emmy. First thing Mom saw was the poop I did in the kitchen, but then she saw the shredded bag and plastic wrap... I know that look! I was in the proverbial dog house the rest of the day! (burrrrp) My tummy was upset by dinnertime (no pics of that please!) so I got no dinner. aww man!

Today I was still burping, so Mom gave me some Pepcid (1/2 tab) and I feel better now. I'm getting rice and boiled chicken tonight. Yay! I love rice and chicken! The people had Peeps anyway and candy-coated chocolate eggs for dessert instead of that yummy cake...

After dinner Mom brought out our rabbit toy, and I ran off with it and beat it up. I love taking revenge on the Easter bunny! My dog mom Clancy wanted to play with it but I told her no.

Here I am telling the other dogs to stay away. grrrr.... After I got tired of it Clancy got it anyway.

I hope this doesn't mean Mom's not going to take me to that agility class she forgot last week..




Isabella said...

OMG Rudy! You didn't! You sound like Emmy! That was really, really bad- but I bet that cake was so yummy!!!! So I take it you didn't get an Easter basket? Hee Hee!
Big Wags,

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Good job it wasn't chocolate cake! Hope it was worth the burps & poops!

Oscar x

Duke said...

Yup, you were bad alright! At least you got fed SOMETHING for dinner! I bet your mom is more careful about where she puts that cake next time! hehehehe

Love ya lots,