Sunday, April 29, 2007


The blessed event has happened! Sorry this is a little late -- I was having too much fun chatting at the DWB Pawty all weekend. It was a blast!

Josie went into labor at dinner this past Tuesday the 24th and had all her puppies by midnight. This picture was taken the morning of the 25th when they were about 12 hours old. Four healthy babies, 3 girls and one boy. Mom wants to call them Eeny Meeny Miney and Moe, but I think Aunt Linda has other plans for them! They sure are big babies for Bedlingtons, but they're sweet little things (according to Mom). They all have homes already! It's just hard to find Bedlington puppies so Auntie Linda has to take reservations a lot of times.

The babies are born black if they are going to be "blue" and will turn grey/white or nearly so at 6 months (like Josie here). They have black eyes and black noses. I myself am a "sandy" or "liver" color so I was born dark brown and turned light brown/beige by 6 months old. I have brown eyes and a brown nose. We Bedlingtons do that!

Josie had the babies at Aunt Linda's 'cause Linda knows how to birth baby puppies; Mom just knows how to train us. Mom would love to have another puppy at our house but I wouldn't!! This is my house too and I want no more puppies here. They're too much trouble! So Josie is over there for 2 months or until the puppies are weaned and then she can come home and have fun with us again. Sure is quiet around here without her. She usually starts the trouble around here which is fun!

I'll have more pictures later when Mom can get over there with her camera again --



Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Aw, what little cuties. I think I told you before that 2 Bedlingtons go to my training class. They're so lovely.

Oscar x

Duke said...

How adorable they are! Thanks for telling us that the infants are black! I was wondering if maybe the dad wasn't the milkman! hehehehe
Sorry I missed you at the pawty! It would have been fun to chat!

Love ya lots,

Linda Fleming said...

Congratulations on the new puppies! I'm glad everything went wel for Josie and her babies. Puppies are the sweetest thing in the world.
Big Wags,

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Oh neat! Us wires have dark heads when we are puppies which turn to tan.

Bussie Kissies

Maggie said...

hay rudy !!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wait - this means the puppies will NEVER come to your house? They all have furever homes to go to already! How will they know who their best uncle is?

Hana said...

Oh boy, look at all those puppies! It's neat how they change color, kind of like a mood ring. Hee hee!

Asta said...

Miss you Rudy, hope you're well, kisses