Monday, August 17, 2009

Still Running!

Hi guys!

I'm still running those agility trials; Mom got these pics back from last month and since we just did another trials this past weekend, we'll show you these before we get the new pics.

It was just Mom and me again; no Josie or Emmy -- Emmy's pretty much retired but she comes out once in a while for fun.

We had to start through a tire obstacle; this was pretty of me:

I took off faster than Mom expected!! hahahaha, she had to get the lead out real fast!

Now through the tunnel where Mom's waiting for me at the table. Looks like I'm balancing on one foot here...

Then it's hop hop hop through the weaves...

and Zooommm over another jump ---

Then I start my one-foot balancing act again ..

And hit that A-frame... that'll teach it!

Sit and grin at Mom while she's panting heavily (she'll never admit that!)

I went flying through the tunnel and then took OFF after the jump towards a wrong jump .. Mom had to call me hard to get my attention, and I'm turning at full speed to get to where she is.

I barely made it! The judge called it and Mom's friends said that wasn't cool -- no it wasn't! Argh... I was skidding like crazy.

Over a teeter, and here I'm doing my amazing levitating dog act:

I had a LOT of fun running, worrying Mom if I would try the zoomies again. She was lucky this time that I didn't!

So hey, judge, judge this! (bwaahahahahaaaa) Love that butt shot...

That's enough for now -- hope it was entertaining! Stay cool everyone, we're just hanging out in the house avoiding the heat as much as possible ..

'til next time,

Thursday, August 6, 2009

True Colors Thursday

So this True Colors is a 'free' day; that is, we pick our own colors. Going through what I have, I'm picking pink and green.

This is an incomplete doll kitchen set that Mom found at a flea and antique market a few years ago. Now you wonder why in the world would she pay $$ for that -- she says it's the exact same as a set she had as a kid and has the Christmas morning pic to prove it. (we'll spare everyone that picture) The little oven has a light inside that works! She thinks she still has a chair and the refrigerator for it somewhere, but she's missing the kitchen sink...

And then there's Mom and her cousin wearing almost the same color scheme as that kitchen set! How weird is that --

One last pic -- we tried to bury Emmy in pink-and-green but couldn't find enough toys to do the job....

Cloudy and rainy today -- I'm so bored!