Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Doggie Days of Summer

Hi all,

Not much is happening around the house these days, so I thought you'd all like to see me when I do well at Earthdog -- I get a ribbon and a picture with Mom and the judge! This was the first weekend in July in New Jersey, and I finally followed the rules and qualified in Senior Earthdog (after creating my own rules all weekend in everything else!). I must have had a lot of fun, my nose is extra brown from all the dirt in the tunnel! It sure was hot, but it's always hot at that Earthdog test.

Josie had her own Earthdog adventure this morning -- she jumped and killed a rabbit in Mom's big veggie garden as the people were getting ready for work. Too bad Mom didn't have that camera ready -- Josie was SO DIRTY, Mom had to drop everything and rinse her off in the laundry tub besides having to dispose of the rabbit, assess the damage to the garden, and change her formerly white shirt to something clean! Mom thinks the pepper plants will survive, they weren't too beat up.

I had to come and look at the bunny -- yep it was dead. That makes it two rabbits, a bird, a young squirrel, and who knows what else this year for Josie. She doesn't always tell Mom what she catches outside... this is all Mom knows about. She's a one-Bedlington wrecking crew!

Well I'm feeling great now that I've been on meds for this Lyme disease. I went to agility class this past week and didn't miss a beat, so Mom's got me going to an all-day training workshop Aug. 11 and then 2 days of trials Aug. 18-19. Yea! I'm going to love it.

Stay cool everyone!

p.s. Isabella helped put up my Rockin' Dog Blogger sign! Thanks pal! I don't know very many doggies but I think Isabella's pretty rockin', so she should also be a Rockin' Dog Blogger, don't you think?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

New Front Door

Wow look what some strange guy came and did to our old front door! It smells like new fiberglass instead of old wood and steel, and when the storm door closes, it closes fast so you better be going! I of course had to be on guard for anything odd so while all this was going on the girls (Emmy, Josie, and my mom Clancy) slept in the den. That guy had a machine that made a heck of a noise, and then he was banging and hammering and nailing and using that noisy machine...! How can we get our beauty sleep around here?

So this is what it looked like after all that hammering and tearing ---- he ran away with our old door! Part of it is lying on the sidewalk. What did he do with the rest of it?

Like, who's going to clean up that mess? That guy sure is going to be in trouble with Mom when she sees this!

I had to come outside and check out the scene after he finished -- I think I scared the guy away! He wasn't such a bad guy anyway, he at least petted me. He kind of reminded us of the guy who plays the janitor character on TV's "Scrubs", only not as weird.

That was on Thursday, and this weekend Dennis has been busy painting the door and each side section dark brown. Looks like the old door now! Now there aren't any more drafts coming through which will keep us all warmer in the winter for sure, and the humans don't have to use that ugly yellow wood caulk in the cracks on the side sections anymore. Wonder what Mom will have done to the house next?

And I'm feeling better now that I've been on my antibiotics after the Lyme infection 2 weekends ago. I've been playing in the backyard and running around with Josie after rabbits.

I've also been awarded a Rockin' Dog Blogger award from Butchy. Ohh no, that means dumb old Mom isn't going to be able to figure out how to put it on my blog here. She might need my help --- I can do it Mom! At least I can give her hints, and more hints on who to give the award to... thanks for thinking about us Butchy! :)


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Doggone Summer....

It's summer and I'm so bored! Mom can't even get pictures loaded from Blogger so we're really in a pickle. And I haven't been feeling well either. We went to the agility trials near the house on July 7th and I had a sore leg --- turned out I tested positive for Lyme disease. Oh no! Now I have to take a pill every day and I CAN'T GO to my agility class this month. I'm so sad.... Josie tries to cheer me up but I'm worried. My leg feels better but what if M.O.M. (Mean Old MOM) won't let me go anymore? I love agility!

(M.O.M. says no more color switching it's making her crazy)

She and Dennis took Josie and me to a doggie fair yesterday and they had a Pet Communicator there who talked to me. First thing she said was that I was achy and sore in my knees and elbows. M.O.M. was surprised she said that 'cause I did have a sore leg the week before. I hate cats (duh) and I don't like that new doggie bed 'cause it has a chemical smell. Well the people I live with are so dense, can't they tell that doggie air mattress has a plastic smell? Don't I lay on the floor instead of that bed if everyone else is hogging the other beds? The best thing about that fair was the Bobbing For Hot Dogs game. I liked that! I grabbed hot dogs out of the water if they would stay afloat but Josie dunked her head up to her eyes to get them. She's a pig!

Well maybe M.O.M. can figure out what Blogger is doing to her, meanwhile stay COOL!

Blue (sad) Rudy