Sunday, December 23, 2007

Oh no not another one!

Hi gang ---

We seem to be stuck having a puppy in our midst. Mom seems to enjoy the little squirt a lot but we don't! He was here Tuesday and Wednesday nights, went back to the breeder's house, and now he's back as of Friday night 'til maybe Monday night. He's still such a pest but Emmy plays with him a little bit and I'm not so afraid that I won't stay in the same room with him, but I won't stay near him!

(the above pic is one of Josie's pups this summer 'cause Mom didn't get this new guy's pic downloaded yet. He looks very much like this one!)
Mom finally told us this puppy wasn't treated very nice in his new home so he started misbehaving, and after 2 weeks he came back to the breeder. So he's here learning how to behave and to trust again. That's when I started coming back into the same room with him, to keep an eye on the little guy. And he's another one of my latest nephews! He's my mom Clancy's grandson! He's almost as smart as I was as a young pup, but I never did learn to climb inside the refrigerator to look for goodies like he just did tonight!
Hope he doesn't keep doing that. He's running us all ragged but he's cute, Mom says. Someday maybe he'll get a new home, but right now he's enjoying being a puppy here.

Mom has been so so busy with getting ready for Christmas while working at the same time, she's so behind in her duties. It's supposed to rain tomorrow so they may not go out with the basset pack in the afternoon, but they will go to the Christmas party anyway. The bassets go after bunnies but bassets are pretty slow compared to bunnies. Those dogs couldn't be slower than our old pet bunny was... he stunk 'way before he even showed up!

Oh, and Josie and I sneaked into the living room tonight where all the presents are, and found some pet store goodies in a bag that weren't wrapped yet. I could just smell what we're going to get!
Don't tell MOM....


Saturday, December 15, 2007

7 of Life's Little Annoyances

Hi all!

Well while I'm waiting for Santa to come, I notice Butchy and Snickers have the 7 annoyances tag going on, so I guess I'll think of a few to blog with tonight. Mom cranked out some more DWB Christmas cards tonight and needs some rest, so I'll blog while she snoozes!

1) She doesn't take ME with her every time she goes out. Why I even go stand by the front door when I can sneak past the baby gate in the kitchen, and she makes me go right back to the kitchen and leaves without me. That's annoying.

2) Just like Butchy and Snickers, if I have to take a pill, all my housemates think they should get something too. Of course if THEY get a pill I certainly have to have something too, but I'm Rudy, I demand it!

3) Mom thinks she's a groomer or something and sometimes gives me a bath and blow-dry just like Linda our groomer. Linda does it so much better, so that's annoying.

4) When I go to agility class, I have to wait in a crate and I hate that! I have to be out and running around all the time, doesn't she know I don't want to WAIT.... Mom! I hate taking turns!

5) Last weekend Mom brought home a PUPPY to babysit! Need I say more. By the second day I was hiding behind the recliner so that little twerp wouldn't find me. None of us really like it when Mom babysits little puppies, even though this one was a nephew of mine. She loves it, we hate it.

6) Then Mom will go do something in the other room and close the baby gate so we can't follow her. She's been doing Christmas things and I can't join her so I have to stay in the den and kitchen area with the others and that's boring. I'm supposed to BE with her!

7) So if she sends us all outside to do our business in the back yard, and if I get my feet muddy by running around in the veggie garden, does that give her the right to give me a bath? I had fun, I don't want to end up in the laundry sink getting my legs wet! I'm pretty good about baths being an ol' show dog, but I'm semi-retired so I don't like baths just 'cause I get dirty.... I like dirty!

Most of the time my life is pretty good; we get lots of hugs, kisses, petting, nap time and goodies, so I'm not complaining. If I complain too much Santa will hear! (shhhh)


Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Christmas Serenade

Oh now I'm in the Christmas spirit! My Grandma Miz Mary found this tune for me somewhere, so with apologies to you all who might have seen this before, the girls and I feel like a serenade!

A Doggy Winterland (to the tune of Winter Wonderland)

Dog tags ring, are you listening?
In the lane, snow is glistening.
It's yellow, NOT white, I've been there tonight,
Marking up my winter wonderland.

Smell that tree? That's my fragrance.
It's a sign for wandering vagrants;
Avoid where I pee, it's MY pro-per-ty!
Marked up as my winter wonderland.

In the meadow mom will build a snowman,
Following the classical design.
Then I'll lift my leg and let it go, Man,
So all the world will know that it's

Straight from me to the fence post,
Flows my natural incense boast;
Stay off of my TURF, this small piece of earth,
I marked it as my winter wonderland.
Author unknown

Enjoy -- Mom says she's almost ready with her cards, finally!

Rudy Claus

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Tag I'm It

OK now Mom has tortured me and my housemates once more with her incessant picture-taking, and I'm so bored I think I'll play a game now! Butchy and Snickers were tagged to do "Tag 7" so I'll do it too:

(link to their site) (Mom's so dumb so here's just their blog site)

Here are the rules for Tag 7:
* Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
* Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.
* Tag 7 random people at the end of your post & include links to their blogs.
* Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

I have no idea who's been tagged or not so let's say anyone who wants to can join in!

7 Random or Weird Facts about Myself:

1. I like to sleep underneath the PC when Mom's helping me with my blog so in case she's got questions she can wake me up and ask.

2. I think Rudy Giuliani created his campaign website just to make all these cool items with MY name on them for me!

3. Every dog I meet can't believe I'm a dog, the herding breeds are convinced I'm a sheep! My mom Clancy was mistaken for a goat recently...

4. I have an older brother who's my exact twin except I have all this training and he doesn't. Mom can't even tell us apart!

5. I have children in Sweden, Denmark, Norway(I think) as well as the good ol' USA.

6. I'm in love with Shelties. I'm a sucker for cute little girls with long hair! (don't tell Josie) Springer Spaniels also ring my bells!

7. I can climb over our 5-foot tall backyard fence and nobody else can. Mom gets so mad at me for that! I hit it at 4 feet and climb over the rest, but only if a squirrel or rabbit make me do it. I'm very athletic for a slighty-shorter-than-16-inches guy.

That's all I can think of that's interesting. Oh, today Clancy went with Mom to an obedience trials in Maryland (Emmy and I went there last year) and she qualified in Rally Novice for the very first time! Clancy is the only one of us who doesn't have a Rally Obedience title yet. It's her turn now, she's already 11 years old.

Here's a pic of us gathered on the couch after this latest photo session. Mom wanted us all on our card; wonder which of the thousand pics she took she'll use before we all go blind...


(l to r: Emmy, Josie, the Christmas dog, me, Clancy, and our stuffed Bedlingon toy friend we're not allowed to play with)