Sunday, December 23, 2007

Oh no not another one!

Hi gang ---

We seem to be stuck having a puppy in our midst. Mom seems to enjoy the little squirt a lot but we don't! He was here Tuesday and Wednesday nights, went back to the breeder's house, and now he's back as of Friday night 'til maybe Monday night. He's still such a pest but Emmy plays with him a little bit and I'm not so afraid that I won't stay in the same room with him, but I won't stay near him!

(the above pic is one of Josie's pups this summer 'cause Mom didn't get this new guy's pic downloaded yet. He looks very much like this one!)
Mom finally told us this puppy wasn't treated very nice in his new home so he started misbehaving, and after 2 weeks he came back to the breeder. So he's here learning how to behave and to trust again. That's when I started coming back into the same room with him, to keep an eye on the little guy. And he's another one of my latest nephews! He's my mom Clancy's grandson! He's almost as smart as I was as a young pup, but I never did learn to climb inside the refrigerator to look for goodies like he just did tonight!
Hope he doesn't keep doing that. He's running us all ragged but he's cute, Mom says. Someday maybe he'll get a new home, but right now he's enjoying being a puppy here.

Mom has been so so busy with getting ready for Christmas while working at the same time, she's so behind in her duties. It's supposed to rain tomorrow so they may not go out with the basset pack in the afternoon, but they will go to the Christmas party anyway. The bassets go after bunnies but bassets are pretty slow compared to bunnies. Those dogs couldn't be slower than our old pet bunny was... he stunk 'way before he even showed up!

Oh, and Josie and I sneaked into the living room tonight where all the presents are, and found some pet store goodies in a bag that weren't wrapped yet. I could just smell what we're going to get!
Don't tell MOM....



Amber-Mae said...

Another baby brudder or sista? Oooo, are Bedlington Terriers always pure black where they are pups & then only turn white when they are older? He's a cutie...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Molly the Airedale said...

What a cute pup! Does he get Christmas pressies too, Rudy?

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Joe Stains said...

ooh puppies are a little scary, I agree. we are glad he is getting another chance to become a well adjusted pup!

Patience-please said...

We bet that puppy will be happy in your home in no time!

the whippet waggle

sharkgila said...

Oooh-ooh, little puppy didn't have a good start but now he's in a happy home. So nice of you guys to humor the pest.

Cheers to a happier life for the tyke. Merry Christmas to you and your family!


B said...

Hey Rudy,
Nice to meet you, I got your lovely card in the mail today (nice timing!!) and buggered mom into looking at her schedule for March to see if we can go and the short version is maybe.

Mom works at Actors Theatre of Louisville and during March there is a festival of new plays ( so things get pretty busy around there in March but she says maybe because its so crazy that means everyones so busy she can't just schedule rehearsals 9-5 and they'll be some days that she can't work at all because everyone else is busy.

Anyway let us know when your events take place and we'll try try try to come see it.

Sorry about the puppy, mainly I like puppies but they an be a lot in the home.

Amber-Mae said...

Merry X'mas to you Rudy & family!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Anonymous said...

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Ivy said...

it is so hard to teach a puppy to behave! i haf a peepol-puppy baby in my house and he is almost impossible!

i think it is always more fun to sniff out your presents early! hope you got some tasty ones!

luv ivy

Amber said...

Happy New year to you and your love ones! The puppy is really cute!

big hugs and licks!
amber :)

Asta said...

It's awfully nice of you to help this little one twust again..he's a cutie!
I hope you and youw family have a vewy happy and healthy NewYeaws!
smoochie kisses

Sam I Am said...

We hope you got all the christmas pressies you wished for in 2008.

Lot's of Lick's