Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First Try at Dock Diving

Hi all!

Not much is happening right now so I'm going to show you what I did a couple of Saturdays ago. Remember I was saying how crazy I get whenever I see Dock Diving dogs?
Mom finally got the videos uploaded from our first try at the Pet Expo so we can see them, and she cut them down so it's not just me barking at the ball in the water.. Mom thought it was a good first try. We were part of a bunch of people that signed their dogs up to try this between the competitions that went on all day. I had a GOOD time!

First I did the short ramp. Looks like I'd been in the water before this was taken 'cause I am soaked in this clip. Oooh, that water's deep! And cold!!!

And then we tried the BIG one. At this point, they brought out an experienced dog to show me how I was supposed to do it. See how surprised I got when he jumped off the edge! And see how I (accidentally) jumped off too. Another surprise!

So Mom and the trainer decided to call it a day. I wasn't ready to quit. When we were walking away, I jumped up and tried to climb up the side of the tank. When we walked near the green ramp I tried to pull Mom back up there. She just laughed at me..

Mom has promised to let me try again sometime... I hope it's soon. I bet there aren't many Bedlingtons doing this!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

True Colors Thursday

Hi all,

Time to get back to my True Colors after last week -- today's color is BEIGE. That's an easy one for us --- we ARE beige, at least Ollie and I are.

We do have sort of a beige carpet in the den that Mom would love to get rid of:

Some Bedlingtons wear booties in the snow and I know a half-brother of Josie's wears these beige ones:

Here's me in beige:

When we fostered Rags last summer he had a partially-beige doggie bed that he loved to hide under like we couldn't see him or something! We still have that bed ...

I guess you could say cardboard would be beige-ish.. that's desperation, Mom!

This was a totally cute pic of one of Josie's pups from 2 years ago under a favorite doggy bed:

I just used Ollie's pic in my last post so I'll use one of his brother on the same day we all got haircuts. He's kinda beige too!

Thanks Blue for a great Thursday!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ollie's haircut

Hi all --

Mom wanted me to talk about Ollie now and the day we had haircuts at our breeder's house. It was the first Friday of the month and everyone had to be groomed.

Josie and my mom Clancy waiting in a crate -- looks like they've already gotten their trims:

Emmy didn't need much but she had to come too (she says Why do I have to get a haircut, I'm not going anywhere!):

And I've already had mine and they stuffed me into an airline crate. Sigh!

This was probably Ollie's second haircut ever, but he was very good. What a shaggy baby!

Startin' from the back end... whooo, careful back there!!

Scissoring is an art form in our breed!

Whew, now she's done snipping hair off his back end:

And now she's going to cut off his head! I can't watch!

Combin' out his legs --

Then they took Ollie out to the driveway and took a pic of him on a show lead. Ollie says "gag they're strangling me!!".

He's too young to go to shows yet but my breeder wanted a fancy pic of him to see what he looks like at 3 months. Three more months of growing and he'll be ready for the dog shows! Probably in early July he'll go. I'll have to coach him so he'll know what to do.
Mom read his pedigree and Guess what??? I am his great-grand uncle and my mom Clancy is his great-grandma! Oh well, then, he's a handsome boy for sure!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Back from Kentucky

Hi all!

Whew what a weekend we had! Mom was real happy how we did, Josie and me. I even had a hot date near the end of everything... I sure DID have a good weekend. Mom says she heard that one of these puppies coming should have the name of Louisville Slugger! Hey that's cool -- Chelsea's Louisville Slugger, I like it.

Here's where I spent most of the trip in the van. Josie was across the way from me. I had a Deerhound to talk to when he wasn't sleeping which was rarely. His name is Darcy and he's about 9-10 months old and weighs 5 times as much as I do. Geez he's HUGE!!!

Gassing up the rig somewhere in Virginia -- we had stuff in that trailer for 10 people and 15 dogs! It was FULL. Mom and our breeder did the driving in the van and the other 8 people rode in 2 other vehicles. It took 10 hours to get to the hotel outside Louisville.

At one place we stopped, we got to get out and do our business.

I HOPE this 'Thunder Alley' is a bowling alley! It was pretty quiet when we got there...

At least there was a good place to eat there, too.

We had soo much fun doing agility. I also got to see old pals!

Here is my girl Scout from California, waiting for me. She went 6th in the 16-inch division finals at the AKC Invitationals in California this past December. She's hot!

Josie played tug with Scout's owner with a disgusting ol' sock tied off with some liverwurst inside. SHE thought it was fun -- Mom thought it was pretty yucky..

I'm standing next to one of the rings where all the action was. We had a ring-side seat all weekend, we were so close!

This chickie went strolling by pretty as you please -- you can't fool me -- that's no Bedlington.

I got to kiss my pals from last year. Here's a few shots of me meeting and greeting my friends:

My breeder came by to visit!

Some other show people came by to watch agility so I had to make them feel welcome:

Gettin' petted from above.

I wish I were taller so I could kiss the blondes!

I love you too!!

I don't know who this person was but who cares -- I love everybody.

Here's an old buddy of mine! She's nice!

This person had some treats in her coat -- I just knew it..

Hanging out with Scout and her mom --

Josie's littermate sister Gypsy was also there doing Novice. I'm sure we'll see her again in more trials as we go along this year.

Josie (on the right) met her half-sis Wish -- they have the same daddy. Wish is an awesome agility dog. Josie did so well Mom thinks she'll be pretty awesome too.

Someone brought a baby Bedly that looked like our Ollie! It was a girl, though.

I had to check and see ---

Hey lady! Down in front!!!

Posing with Mom with some of Josie's ribbons on our crate. I got 3 green ribbons that meant I qualified in Excellent. Josie was in Novice and Open this weekend and she did great! She got all first place ribbons and a cool blue-and-yellow New Title ribbon for her Novice Standard title.

Every day after we were done, we had to go to the grooming area to meet up with our show friends so we could eat and go back to the motel, and we had to wait 'til they were all ready for us. Josie was so tired she got on top of Mom's agility bag and took a nap..

I just waited patiently and with dignity..

No videos this time, maybe next post, but here's a grrrreat shot of me going up the dog walk. This pro photographer Tien Tran is the best. I qualified in Standard on Thursday and Sunday and in Jumpers on Friday. Josie earned her Novice Standard title on Friday and got her first leg on Open Standard on Sunday. We're on a roll!

Monday, March 9, 2009

True Colors and it's off to Louisville

Hi all,

I'm posting a brief True Colors Thursday early 'cause Mom is so busy getting us ready to go for the big weekend in a couple of days. We have even less violet around the house but this will do for now:

Mom has these wacky violet-and-green agility pants she wears sometimes to run in. Here's a pic of us in Louisville in 2007:

She's not the only one with wacky purple pants in agility. In November last year even the judge was wearing 'em! (this is Josie jumping)

One more violet pic and we're off --- after seeing these pics, Mom quit wearing the purple pants! She might be forced to wear 'em anyway. Four days of dust and dirt in the arena is too much for just one pair...

See you next week!


Thursday, March 5, 2009

True Colors Thursday

Hey, it's yellow this week!

We really don't have a lot of yellow around here... Mom once painted the kitchen walls a light shade of yellow, she thought, but it's soooo faint you can't even tell. Now she's going to pick out a new color since they're re-doing things but I bet it's not yellow anymore!

So anyway, we don't even have yellow doggie sweaters (oh I'm so glad she forgot about that Halloween duck costume!!! tres embarrassing...) Mom found a yellow water toy and made me pose with the thing --- talk about embarrassing ---

Then she looked in our mountain of dog toys and found ALL the other yellow toys in there and thought -- "Hmm! Let's pile them on Rudy!" --- ARGH!

Ollie sure loved that. He was pulling toys out of the pile and playing with them!

Then Mom found some pics of our other yellow stuff. I'm glad she quit piling stuff on me...

Our yellow-and-orange group crate that holds up to 3 Bedlingtons (or 4 if they're friendly):

The weird squash she grew last summer that's joined together (long gone by now):

Here's a quick clip of a Leonberger going through a yellow chute in agility last year. I ran that same course! Didn't qualify -- I got crazy and ran around a bit -- but had tons of fun.

And finally, some of my agility ribbons have yellow in 'em. Yeaaa!

I'll have to post early next week for True Colors Thursday if I can since we'll be in Louisville Kentucky doing a 4-day agility trials and Mom won't be able to get to a PC. She'll take plenty of pics though! They're having a Bedlington specialty conformation show at the same time but that's not as much fun as we agility dogs will have. Josie's going with Mom and me, and Ollie, Emmy, and Clancy are staying home.