Friday, February 23, 2007

Striking out with the Ladies

No, we're not in prison, this is a picture of 3 of us at an Earthdog test and we're relaxing in our pen inside the tent. Left to right, that's Clancy, old Nathan, and me. Nathan being old and cold was wearing a coat. This was in the early spring and not in February as the date on the picture says! I don't remember where Josie was but she was maybe a year old in 2004 when this picture was taken.

Speaking of my sweetie pie Josie, Mom took her to our breeder Linda's house yesterday to meet her new boyfriend Charlie (sob!). He didn't come over until today, I heard, and they had their first date tonight. I can hardly stand it I'm so jealous. I was trying to get her grandma Emmy interested tonight but it didn't work. Emmy had spent the night over at Linda's last night so she picked up Josie's scent and smelled really good to me. Em went to the vet today to get her teeth cleaned too, so she was really HOT also with that new haircut besides...! Josie had a haircut too, I heard. She must have been a beautiful gal.... (hey isn't that a song title?).

Emmy on the other hand looked good at home tonight but acted terrible! She was flashing those pearly whites at me but they weren't friendly pearly whites. Then she started that funny hissing sound. I don't think she was happy! I'm so handsome what's not to love? Some women have no taste....

I'm planning a fashion issue soon, so Hana can see me in my belly band that I have to wear. Mom doesn't make me wear sissy ones with flowers or anything (whew). Miz Mary has promised to send Mom a doggie sweater she just knitted for us, so I was volunteered to model it. That will also be in my fashion issue! woohoo...

Speaking of fashion, I am on a website modeling my favorite doggy coat that I got for Christmas from my breeder Linda. Check it out!

I am the incredibly handsome boy, 4th up from the bottom, wearing the stunning plaid jacket. I was at a dog show at the time so I'm pretty fuzzy like they like show Bedlingtons to be. Trouble is I can't see real well doing agility or Earthdog like this so I need my head trimmed shorter for that!

Mom wants to get to bed soon so I'll stop for now. Stay warm you guys!


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Isabella said...

Hee Hee! I followed your link and when I saw the first dog in the coat I thought huh? Rudy has been having a hard time lately and it is sure taking a toll on him! Then I saw where it said scroll down for more pictures- heehee! And then I saw you. Looking good!
Big Wags,