Saturday, February 10, 2007

My Boy Franz and Mom's Doing Better!

Isn't he just a chip off the old block?? That's my baby boy Franz, 10 months old, from the date I had with that Swedish cutie last year about this time in New Jersey right before the big Westminster Kennel Club Dog show I was in. She flew over looking for a date, and when that fell through, good old Yours Truly stepped up to the plate! I'm half Swedish myself on my father's side. She went back to Sweden and had a CUTE litter of 4 pups, 3 of which were brown just like me. Franz and his sister live in Sweden with Miss Malin who owns my girlfriend (don't tell Josie!), and he's lookin' good! In Europe they trim the hair more off the neck than they do here in the USA, so the head looks different. They say over here the American show Bedlingtons have too much hair. No argument here!

And at home, Mom is walking much better and wants to play with me again. She took me to my Rally Obedience class Tuesday night, Emmy to her agility class Wednesday night, and me to my agility class Thursday night. Tonight she rested her knee! On Sunday we're both going back over there for a practice agility trials. Emmy's never been to a real agility trials and I need to practice. I had a lot of fun Thursday night at class and even listened to Mom when I had to slow down from running really fast and make a sharp left turn into a tunnel. Usually she's trying to get my attention and she should know I key off of her body language, not what she says to me. She's already signed Em and me up for more classes once this session is done. She keeps saying she needs a break but never takes one. I'm fine with that -- I love agility!

While she's typing this, I take a snooze under the PC 'til she's done. There are four rats in cages in the room and I have to check them all out, at least the ones I can reach! "Tweak" is the meanest one and he tries to bite my nose if I get too close. I don't care -- I'm a terrier! All of them beg for yogurt drops and get real grabby through their cage bars. They even eat my dog cookies! How dare they -- Mom gives them each a Milk-Bone and I can hardly believe it. They have their own rat food! The nerve....

More later!
Rudy Tootie Fresh and Fruity (proud Dad, too)


Molly the Airedale said...

Franz is just too cute!
I'm so happy to hear your mom is doing better!
Happy Valentine's day!

Love ya lots,

Isabella said...

Aww...Franz is so cute! Sure am glad your mom is doing better.
Happy Valentine's Day, Rudy!
Big Wags,