Sunday, June 3, 2007

Tummy Tagged and My Busy Weekend

So now I got tummy-tagged. Just so happens we have some pics of tummies. This is my imitation of our friend Mr. Possum.
Who is more awake?

And this is Miss Josie getting into the action with a tummy shot of her own! She had plenty of
tummy to show at the time, about two weeks
before her puppies came. What a belly!

We just got back from New Jersey for another Earthdog test weekend. Saturday morning Mom and Dennis got us up at 4 AM (what????) and we left about 4:45 and drove up about 3.5 hours to Miss JoAnn's place where we have so much fun! Mom entered me in Master and Senior and that was twice the fun... In Master I got to run around in the field and check out the scents and managed to stay out of the woods for once and listen to Mom. I had a Border Terrier as a partner and he barked at the rats at the entrance to the tunnel first. Oh poo, I saw them first but I always try to find another way to sneak up behind them so I run around a lot. They always let the first dog to bark or dig at the rats at the tunnel entrance get in the tunnel first.

I had to get chained to a stake and stand around with Mom while the Border got to have fun first! They move the rat cage to the end of the tunnel before they let us in. Mom hides my face but I KNOW what they're doing! When it was my turn I raced into the tunnel and got to the end in SIX seconds and barked and dug holes in front of those rats. That ol' Border Terrier can't beat that! Both of us got a ribbon from the judge, we were that good. Made Mom happy.

Then I got so happy I totally messed up the Senior tunnel, but I had to have some fun. I backed out of the tunnel too soon and whizzed around the test area for a while and popped back in to yell at the rats again. Mom was rolling her eyes, but what could she do. She can't say anything it's against the rules. I wasn't playing by no stinking rules! wheeeeeee!

Emmy and Clancy played in the Intro tunnel, the simplest one (those wimps) but they're girls and pretty sissy if you ask me. They tried the next higher level, the Junior tunnel but they said it was too hot and they didn't feel like working. Who's working? I'm having fun!!!!! I like wasting Mom's entry money!

Dennis set up the tent and we slept there for the night. I think I heard snoring.... the people were tired.... so were we!

The next day (today) I didn't feel like sticking to the rules either, so I basically ran around like a fool when I could. In Master I ran into the woods and found a woodchuck hole but nobody was home, but that's not what I was supposed to do. I'd rather play with the 'chucks!!! Mom was so busy with me she had to get Dennis to run Emmy and Clancy, who played better in Intro but Emmy was the only one who got a ribbon for being good. My mom Clancy did get to play in Master 'cause they needed a spare dog to make up a pair for a Masters run (an odd number of entries needs a 'bye' dog and Clancy was available since she has a Master title already). Mom didn't think she'd do anything 'cause she hasn't done Master in a long time, but at least she went in the tunnel. Dennis had to run Clancy 'cause Mom was busy with me.... and rolling her eyes! Maybe now Mom will let Clancy play in Master again.
Clancy just hates those baby lower-level tunnels and wants to run with the big boys!

So after a big weekend we need a rest. This is what we do after a long hot weekend harassing those rats...


Good night!


Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Your version of Earthdog sounds like fun! Who wants to obey the hoomans all the time, boring!

Oscar x

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Great belly shot Rudy - very impressive :)


Asta said...

Rudy, SOunds like fun, and I think you did awfully well!
I like the tummy shots..when are the babies coming?
love and kisses

Duke said...

You guys sure do stay super busy and you always have the neatest adventures!
Love the tummy shots!

Love ya lots,

Anonymous said...

Do you have to get a B-A-T-H when you get home from the trials?

Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

G'day Rudy,

You have a nice tummy. We got lots of real possums near my house. xxx Asta down under

Rudy said...

Oh yes Zach I forgot to say Mom made Emmy and me take a BATH Sunday night when we got home! I was so dirty the humans said I stunk all the way home. Emmy had to have her hot spot treated 'cause she was so itchy she had a hard time focusing on rats. I think she needs to see the vet, she's had it two times so far this year.
But now I'm nice and clean!