Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Competition

You know, as much time as Mom spends with us and ME in particular, you'd think we (meaning I) would be tops on her list. Ohhh no, my friends, there's someone else lurking in the background we don't know much about! I have the proof right here --- it's a big stinking animal called a HORSE.

I saw some pics on her camera and there's the culprit! Sometimes she goes out on a weekend and spends hours away and comes back smelly and hairy sometimes, hairs that look like they come from this big thing! Old Nathan used to tell me she had another "H" animal hidden away which had white hairs and she'd go out after work and spend time with that creature, even more than she does now. I'm telling you, you have to watch your people 'cause sometimes they don't tell you everything they do!

Look at this -- it doesn't care that I'm jealous! I don't speak horse -- what is it saying here???

Mom didn't go out and spend time with the HORSE this weekend... she was sick today so she spent a lot of time in bed this morning sleeping. Uncle Dennis is sick too but he got up earlier, so Mom and I just slept late. He was too sick to go to the party they were going to attend so Mom went by herself and came back feeling worse. Huh -- at least she didn't go see that evil animal that takes time away from me!

Josie's been sick too, she coughs a lot. She feels OK and I don't understand why Emmy can't go to the Earthdog test tomorrow because of her coughing ... I know why I can't go, I have to stay beautiful for the dog shows next weekend. By then Josie ought to be over her coughing and I can go. People have weird reasons for doing things! Don't even try to understand, guys.....

Here's Josie trying to kiss up to me --- Women!!! Human or dog, I don't understand them.

Oh, and hey you -- don't let me keep you awake or anything! (did I mention it's also a female horse????) I'm surrounded by women! sheesh ---




Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

G'day Rudy,

Asta NY is having a Bar BQ tomowow to celebwate her 1st Bawkday. Hopy you can sneak out. Let Ruby Blue know & she'll pick you up in her paw-ty Cawe

xxx Asta down under

Koobuss said...

Horses can be very nice if you don't bark at them. Maybe someday you can go for a ride.

I don't understand humans either. They do some strange things.

If you give your mom lots of kisses while she is sick, she will feel really guilty and give you lots of treats. Hehe!

Koobuss Kisses,

Koobuss said...

pee ess... Hope your family feels better soon.

Asta said...

I'm so sowwy you wewen't able to come to my birfday bash..I'hope youw Mom gets better soon and that you can come to ouw next pawty!
It weally ws fun!
That howsey looks kind of scawy and big..I don't undewstand howse either..but Rudy, I'm a giwl and I'm not hawd to undewstand
smoochie kisses

Hana said...

A HORSE??? Your mom is a traitor!!! How dare she likes horses!