Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Banner Day a the Trials!

Hi all!

Sorry to have taken so long to write anything; nothing much to report but Mom still doesn't have a decent camera (come ON woman!). This weekend we went to another local agility trials and it was F-U-N!

Saturday I was in the Novice FAST class (Fifteen and Send Time it's called and what sense does that make?). You make up your own course for points as indicated by the judge with flags on every obstacle and to get enough points to qualify you have to try the 'send', all within a certain time limit. The 'send' is where there's tape on the ground and your human has to stay behind it and send you to the right obstacle in the right way. Sometimes we doggies make it tough on our humans and have some fun with them! ('what? where did you say to go? Let me come back to you so I can hear you better')

Mom did it right and we completed the 'send' and got plenty of points to qualify and we got second place! Wooohoo! One more qualify and we get the Novice FAST (NF) title. I ran so fast she had to chase me to the 'send', hollering at me all the way to tell me which jump to jump. Haha she was tired after that.
This is fun!

Then Mom kept messing up (MOM: oh no Rudy you messed up too) the rest of the day so neither I nor Josie qualified in anything. She had enough friends to yack with to have some fun so she wasn't feeling bad. Josie was in the Open classes, Standard and Jumpers. It was a nice HOT sunny day and we were in the tent with some Corgi pals we know from class.

Today I wasn't entered in the FAST class so I could save my energy for the regular Excellent classes. Boy did I ever make Mom work for that Standard Q! (the qualify)
I tried to run behind her, I ran 'waaay out so she had to yell at me to come back, I pretended I didn't know where to go jump...! She wasn't sure if we did good or what, but her friends said we did good. Mom didn't even want to know at that point.

So later on we did the Jumpers class and I made her work again 'cause I LOVE to jump far out and run wide! I think the President heard her yelling at me all the way to Washington DC! This time she knew we did well and qualified so she was happy. Josie ran better today but still didn't qualify but she said she'll do better next time.

Mom finally looked and found out we DID qualify in Standard, so that meant that we earned our first agility Double Q!! That means we ran clean in both classes and have 1 of 20 Double Q's required for that holy grail of agility, the Master Agility Champion title, or the MACH. One down, nineteen to go! Mom was so happy, now she says she knows it can happen. Oh I've been saying that for a long time, she just messes up too much!

We have a bunch of pics on order so I'll have to report in later to show 'em to you.
Now Mom owes me another piece of agility equipment...she gets me stuff when I do really well. I'm going to keep on doing well just to make her suffer. She's going to need to buy us a shed to keep all this stuff in!
Maybe one of these ---

Naah, I want a FANCY place of my own so I can have the ladies over to MY house and party! Like this one --

Hmm.. something tells me I should get that MACH first...

Anyway, here's an older pic of me at an outdoor trials -- more to come when that order of pictures comes in!

By the way, if anyone wants a Bedlington pup like Ollie, here's your chance. His littermate brother is coming up for sale again; his family decided they weren't dog people after all so he's coming back to our breeder. He's 9 months old and was the first pick of the litter so you know he's pretty. He's a blue, so that means he's kinda gray like Josie is instead of beige/brown like me. Let Mom know if you're interested and we can give you the details. If he's anything like Ollie he's a sweet little guy and very smart. He could do just about anything you'd want!




Gus said...

Much as we might love to have a Bedlington, we think Teka would over-rule us. Congratulations to you AND mom on the Double Q.


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Weren't dog people after all?


Khongrats on your pawesome achievements!


Poopsie aka Blue said...

You & Mom did very well, it's upwards & onwards to the next round.
Just love the shot of you flying over the jump.

Not dog people - shame on them but better the sweet pup comes back now and finds a forever home sooner than later.

Love, pats & pets

Noah the Airedale said...

Hey rudi mate, you are both awesome at agility. Well done and congrats. We hope the little bedlington finds a good home soon.

Noah x

Dexter said...

Your mom must be coordinated to be able to do those advanced agilities with you. Congrats on some good runs, huh?

You must have met a mini-mastiff because big guys like me can't really do agilities due to not fitting through the tunnel or on the dog walk. Nevertheless, it is nice to hear of one giving it a go.


Molly the Airedale said...

We just love that picture of you flying through the Aire, Rudy! You're just brilliant at agility!
We hope the Bedlington pup finds a fabulous forever home!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Fenway said...

I am SO impressed with your double Q!!!!!

And who are these human cretins who describe themselves as not "dog people?'

I am outraged!

Johann The Dog said...

Yeah!!!! You're first DQ, love, love, love it!! Here's to many, many more my friend. Hope you're Mum is feeling better. My Mum fell really hard once and I got a refusal on a jump, cause she took so doggone long to get up, BOL!!! She was super sore after that too :)

Really happy fur ya Rudy!!!