Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dog Show!

Oh yes, Ollie went to another dog show a couple of weekends ago in Fredericksburg VA. His pal Darcy went along too. We wanted to show you all, like Fenway did, what a dog show is like.

At our breeder's house, Ollie had to give Mr. Darcy the Deerhound a pep talk over the door so he'd be psyched to go in the ring:

Ollie doesn't usually like bigger dogs but he and Darcy are special pals. Here Darcy's thinking about what Ollie told him, to behave in the ring for once!!

So at the show Darcy started looking around -- he's either thinking about getting a massage or he's girl-watching... Hey Darce, get your head in the game!

They were judging Deerhounds first, so Darcy here is getting a pre-show rubdown from his mom (our breeder):

"Now remember what I said -- no shenanigans out there!"

He's standing up lookin' good...that's his pal Selina handling:

And he's just a big gray blur!

There he goes!

Heyyy he won a ribbon! yeaaaa! Good boy Darcy!

The judge loved him so much she came out of the ring afterwards to say how good she thought he was. He still has to grow up a little (hey isn't he big ENOUGH already??) but he should do well.

This dog looks like a bear! He's just a little guy but Mom knows the handler is a good one so he should do well in the future... he's a Leonberger. They get gigantic!!

I bet the same Poodles were at this show that were at Fenway's show in Annapolis...
They are such patient dogs being groomed so much.

This guy looked like he came for some fun --

And this pic came out strange 'cause a clip got in the way over this dog's head, but this is a different-colored Borzoi than we're used to seeing. Our breeder used to show Borzoi but hers were the white type, not like this one. Cool!

Ollie had a long time to wait before his class so he spent the time napping in a crate.

Only a few minutes 'til showtime so it's time for the brush! Here's Jamie, I think she's Ollie's half-sis, getting a little scissoring... most of our grooming had been done already at home.

Now it's Ollie's turn --- not the face! not the face!

Now for a final back-comb and they're all set --

Mom had a tough time getting pics of Ollie 'cause she couldn't get too close to the ring. Everything is blurry if you embiggen the pics but they look alright like they are here...

Long story short, he won Best of Breed! He's such a pretty kid, I must say. They didn't get a pic with the judge, but the weekend before in NYC he won the breed over more dogs, so here's a pic of that win:

Now Ollie needs one more point to get his CH title, so next week they're taking him to NJ again. Good luck little man!

(I'm so glad I'm through with dog shows - I had a couple of placements in the Terrier Group and that's plenty for me!)


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...


That's pawesome!

Tank woo fur sharing your pals pikhs too!


Unknown said...

Way to go Ollie! It was great seeing the dog show.

Fizz & Willow

Gus said...

Congratulations to OLLIE! And to you for the great coaching, and to your mom for having the patience to do this!


Agatha and Archie said...

WHOA are WE impressed!!! PAWTOGRAPHS please....Love A+A

Rudy said...

Yes, Agatha 'n Archie, I forgot to mention that the judge in Ollie's win pic from the NYC show is also the Chairman of the Board of the AKC! How cool is that? He judges too and he likes Bedlingtons a lot. This wasn't the first time he's picked Ollie to win, so this was huge for us!!
I'm proud of that little guy... my great-nephew... still smilin'...

Noah the Airedale said...

Wow Congratulations ollie, well done and good luck for your next show.
Your pal Darcy is a cutie too.

Noah Willow Tess Lucy