Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's the Big One!

You've all heard of the blizzard that's hitting the VA-DC-MD area? We are right in the target zone, and I think it's the biggest snow storm that I can remember!

Hoo boy have we ever been "SnowPocalypse"'d up one side and down the other! It all started yesterday morning and just now looks like it might be winding down. Mom won't let us in the back yard at all. She says she can't find it! Huh??

You can see it from the upstairs bathroom:

And here's the other part of it:

But you can't see it from the back door:

Those trees in the yard aren't supposed to be touching the ground -- that's at least 2 feet of snow, maybe more. There are garden stakes 2 and 4 feet tall and the tall ones are almost gone in the second picture.

Mom let me go out on the deck and stand in a spot they cleared out to show you what 24 inches is to little ol' me...

The table on the deck in the previous pic measured 23 inches, but Mom just went out with the stick again and now it's officially 26 inches! Who knows what it's like in the yard....

Hey someone get me out of here! (the new measurement is 25 inches on the deck)

We are quite snowbound... the Jeep can get out but not everyone can!

Last night I stood on a snowbank and directed the snow shoveling: (9 inches on the ground then)

And checked around the corner for rabbits, there were none..

Mom's truck was covered,and overnight collected about 14-15 more inches around it ..

We had to be taken out front to do our business all day, and at one point Ollie made a break for it! Don't know where he was going but he said something about running to somewhere warmer...

He didn't get far! Maybe tomorrow Mom will let us find us just how DEEP our back yard really is --

Stay warm guys!
Snowbound Rudy


patience-please said...

That is amazing!!! We used to have those same coats. If the servant weren't sooooo senile she could think of the nice lady's name. Or the coats' name. Or her own name!!!

Don't get lost in that snow. We wish the humans would hurry up and turn on Spring. Enough already! But if you have to have winter, y'all are doing it right!

wags from the whippets

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

It is SOOOOOOO pawesome!

We had about 24" !

I'm khrashed in my chair fur I had SOOOOO much fun!

I hopew woo did too!


McGillicutty said...

Rudy Tootie! Hi, it's me McGillicutty from Mississippi! I'm a fellow terrier, and Irish Terrier, to be exact. Whoa! That snow is somethin' huh? I've been telling all my blog buds, "Don't eat the yellow snow!" That's the only advice I know since we don't get much snow down here!

Hey visit and follow my blog:

Molly the Airedale said...

WOW! You got hammered! We are sooooooooooo jealous! We didn't even get one little flake - not even ONE!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Joe Stains said...

holy cow dudes, you can come to my house it is sunny and warm!!

McGillicutty said...

Dear Snowbound Rudy,
Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I am SO ready for these peoples to leave my home! An Irishman needs his rest, you know. Oh, and Who 'Dat!!!

Irish Love, McGillicutty

Unknown said...

Wow! That's like when we had our big storm a couple of months ago. We couldn't get out our back door to pee when we got up! We didn't get anything this time.

Fizz & Willow

Gus said... and the Bumpass Hounds and my sissie in Dee See all gots lots of snow. We got a teeny bit here this morning and it has MELTED.