Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My Early Days

When I was born, Linda the breeder called Mom and said she had a puppy for me! Linda wanted a liver-colored male to keep, and I would stay with Mom at her house and Linda could take me to shows. Mom already had Grandpa Joey, Cousin Nathan, and his cousin Emmy at her house, but she loves puppies so a baby was OK with her. I needed a friend when I got there at 8 weeks old, so cousin Emmy took care of me at first. Grandpa slept a lot and cousin Nathan just stayed out of my way, so they weren’t much fun. All of them would get up on the couch to get away from my nipping and playing, and that was frustrating ‘til I figured out how to climb up the afghan on the couch and get to those old codgers! I found out climbing got me lots of places. I climbed up chairs, couches, out of pens, baby gates, you name it. I was the first baby out of the box after I was born, and running with the adults before anyone knew it. I wanted to be a big dog!
Uncle Dennis used to have some old stinky hiking boots in the floor, and I discovered how much fun it was to stick my head in there and breathe deeply. Oh it smelled so good! So good I’d get my head out and run around in circles and then go stick my head back in the boot. Mom and Dennis would laugh like crazy. They just didn’t appreciate how good those old boots smelled! Shoe funk! Life was good. If I got tired I just flopped down on the floor and slept, and then got up to run again. If they picked me up I’d wiggle ‘til they put me down. C’mon, I was busy! I remember they would pick me up when I was sleepy and take pictures. That flash kept waking me up!
Somehow I learned how to jump and jump well. I would dive-bomb old Nathan and land on his back from the couch, and bounce off him and hit the floor. I could leap from the couch to the recliner 5 feet away without hitting the ground. We’d go on trips and I’d bounce from bed to bed without hitting the floor. I learned to jump out of 4 foot exercise pens if I wanted to. I’d run and leap up to the couch, hit the back of it, and jump back off like I was doing flyball or something. I don’t even know what flyball is. They had to move the flower pots away from the back deck railing so I wouldn’t jump up to the railing and fly off into the yard. I did that a time or two!
I was lucky I didn’t break anything as a baby. Cousin Nathan broke a leg as a puppy jumping off a curb into a street and landing wrong, but I wasn’t so unfortunate. Mom says I was the craziest puppy she ever had, and she says Nathan was pretty crazy in his day. I jump bigger and better things now that I’m a big boy. I can jump the 5 foot fence out back, but then I get in big trouble with Mom. Most Bedlingtons can’t do that, I’m just a very athletic boy!


Isabella said...

Hey Rudy! It is so kewl that you have a blog now!Don't worry about not blogging as much a me- my life is so boring that I have too much time on my paws. Your life is so busy and exciting, you have lots of other stuff to do besides blogging. And because you have such an interesting lufe, you will have great material to blog about.

You sound like Emmy with yur jumping and climbing. She leaps off the couch and lands right on top of me when I walk by. And she will climb up on anything- tables, counters, open car windows, drives the Humans crazy and scares the bejezzus out of them. She climbed up on Linda's nightstand and stole some jewelry today. She got in big trouble.

Welcome to the world of blogging,
Festive Wags,
11 more days till Santa!

Anonymous said...

Hi ya Rudy! I think I've heard about you before - don't you have a grandma who makes dolls or something? Welcome to dogs with blogs! Whoo hoo!
Your new eskie buddy,

Sunshade said...

Hey Rudy,

You were such a cute puppy!!! I have only ever met one Bedlington, and she was a blind little girl..... and very nervous..

So happy you have started blogging, I am friends with Isabella and Zach!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade