Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Barkmas

We saw Santa!

And boy did he ever see us....

(left) Rudy, Rudy's mom Clancy, and old cousin Nathan
(right) Emmy and Josie

Merrrrry Christmas from the Bedlington bunch!

A couple of weeks ago we all took a trip to the mall one evening and got to tell Santa what we wanted and got our pictures taken. We had to split the gang up for pictures ‘cause we would’ve hurt poor Santa I believe. He had so many dogs come to visit him, we were an hour in line just for our turn! This is old Nathan’s 17th Christmas. He’s really old, but he still wobbles around and eats dinner and treats. Mom has old Christmas pictures of him and Grandpa Joey at her desk at work, and she says she better get more pictures of Nathan now. At 16 years old you don’t make long-term plans, I suppose, but I’m only 5 what do I know?

It was fun to be at the mall when we saw Santa; there were so many other dogs and their people to see. I got to say hi and kiss the people, and they said how pretty and soft I was! We all were very good, but Josie was annoying ‘cause she wanted to flirt with the little Maltese behind us who was wearing a funny coat. She has no manners in public! It got kind of hot waiting in line there so Mom took off my fancy new dog coat. Linda had given it to her as an early Christmas present because I looked so handsome in it. She’s right – I am rather stunning in it. Mom has to take a picture and post it so everyone can see! Maybe Mom will take me shopping at the pet store place so I can show it off to everybody.

Tomorrow (Saturday) there’s a party at the agility place, so I’m going to come along for the fun and games. They’re supposed to have a Musical Sits game, some kind of agility course, and a Retrieve game. Sorry, you guys, I’m not a retriever, get someone else for that game! I’m a terrier! Well, cousin Nathan used to bring things back for Mom, and he also used to herd Grandpa Joey back into the house. He was pretty smart in his day. I am too, but I’m a terrier first!
I'm not sure what we're doing for Christmas; we might have a quiet one at home because Grandma Mary told Mom that Grandpa Roy came down with strep throat and he's contagious. I don't know if us doggies get it but people do so we all have to stay away and let Grandpa get some rest. I'll probably get to see their grandkids and play with them over New Year's weekend instead. Mom says she's not ready for Christmas just yet anyway! I hope she remembers to get us doggies something.

Well if I don’t talk to everybody later, you have a great Christmas with your people and make them give you lots of goodies. Mom makes me wear the jingle bell collar which is pretty embarrassing, but my rule is always keep your dignity.... except when Josie is body-slamming you into the floor! Rroowflflgrrrllrowf!

Christmas kisses,


Isabella said...

What great pictures! Linda told your Grandma Mary that she hoped your mom would let you post your santa photos. We heard about Grandpa Roy being sick, too. That's just awful with it being Christmas and all. And yes, dogs can catch bacteria infections like strep from people. Linda had a puppy that caught a sinus infection and strep throat from her. They were on the same antibiotics-LOL!

The Humans came home today with huge bags from PetSmart! They wouldn't let us see what was in the bags, but they sure smelled interesting. They don't think we know, but they are in Mike's closet. Now if we could just figure out how to open the closet door.....
Festive Wags-
2 days till Santa!

Anonymous said...

What super photos! You guys sure are photogenic! Have a great holiday and I hope you get lots of bones!

Isabella said...

Happy New Year, Rudy!
Big Wags,

Gus said...

Hi...I'm Gus and I am a terrier too. I saw that you live in Virginia. We lived in Lexington last year. Are you near there? There were two Bedlingtons that had a little boy and 2 human parents. They used to come to the tennis courts on Sunday. That wasn't you, was it? I miss Virginia, especially my friend Eleanor.


Isabella said...

I tag you, Rudy! Visit my blog for the details.
Big Wags,

Girasol said...

nice pics!!
Virginia? ummm good!!
I live in arlington, va.