Saturday, January 6, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

I was trying to get Mom to post something for me, but then Uncle Dennis crashed the computer! That was bad. Now Mom is sad 'cause Cousin Nathan isn't feeling well so she didn't feel like letting me use the computer. I told her I got tagged to do my resolutions -- so she let me do it today before she takes Nathan to the vet. He's so old (16), he just sleeps a lot and won't eat. I hope we can cheer her up somehow!

My New Year's resolutions:

1) Have more and more fun doing agility. I love it so much, I can't help getting upset having to wait in a crate for an hour while Miss Emmy has her lesson first. Why does she get first dibs? I see all the other dogs having fun and I'm in this dumb crate.. I have to talk about it to everyone that passes by! Mom even says I'm the most fun dog to run. Haha - I'll show Emmy who's the best!

2) Take better care of Mom. I got her to let me sleep in the bed with them at night, but she keeps on leaving me downstairs to work on the PC in the same room with those rats. I can keep an eye on them while she works! And I can help look out for traffic if she'd only take me everywhere she goes. I'm a big help!

3) I'm going to run even faster around the yard so Josie can never catch me. She likes to wait while I circle the lower garden and try to catch me at the other end, but I can put on more speed and run uphill. She doesn't have the momentum if she's standing there waiting at the bottom! I'm - just - so - FAST....

4) Convince Mom that I don't have to stay in the pen with my mom Clancy and Cousin Nathan during the day. I get so frustrated that I rip up the newspapers on the floor and get newsprint on my nose. Then Mom has to wash my face when she gets home. See- if she'd only listen to me she wouldn't have to wash my face!

5) Get Mom to take us all on more road trips. We get to camp out when we go to Earthdog tests and that's so much fun. We didn't get to go very much last year because of gas prices. I went to a few agility trials by myself, so I'm hoping I get to go more often! I did go to some dog shows but they're no fun...

Mom says she's not feeling up to posting any pictures this time since none are on the PC since it crashed. They're on CD somewhere else -- she's not feeling real happy today anyway....

Happy thoughts!


Anonymous said...

Pretty good resolutions! I hope cousin Nathan perks up - but he IS a pretty geriatric dog! If he was a human he'd probably be hobbling around with a cane and grumbling a lot. Bet he'd be taking his teeth out at night too. Can you see cousin Nathan doing that?

Isabella said...

Poor Nathan! It's hard to see an old friend get old and feeble. No wonder your mom is sad. My humans got that way when their Rudy and Myka got so old. She says you are never ready to say good-by to special friends. So just be patient with your mom and be extra good for her- that will help her feel better, I betcha!

Isn't sleeping on the bed the bestest? I have bed privilages now and never go near my crate.
Big Wags,

Hana said...

Hi Rudy, my name is Hana. I'm a friend of Isabella's and Zach's. At first when I saw your picture, I thought you were a lamb! Do you live with 4 others that look like you? Funny how there is a Linda and Emmy in your life, just like Isabella's!

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Hey Rudy! Nice set of resolutions there.

I used to live with an old dog, too. Give your mom lots of kisses, and Nathan too.

Bussie Kissies

Isabella said...

Hey Rudy! Just wanted you to know that we are thinking of your mom today. We know how hard it is to say good-bye to Nathan. Be extra loving to your mom, Rudy. She needs you to love her lots and lots right now.
Big Hugs-
Isabella and Linda