Saturday, October 20, 2007

Airedales in Action!

Hi all!

I'm back -- I was at an agility trials earlier this month in Pennsylvania but Mom was too tired and lazy to update my blog. We were hoping to get more pictures back from the trials but they just haven't come. So to entertain everyone I thought we'd show some pictures Mom was able to take of other dogs, which wasn't very many 'cause her digital camera was dying. (did I tell you she hates that thing???)

It was a fun time for me and Mom, but Emmy had the most fun. She did so well the first day, getting ribbons in her Novice runs, Mom moved her up to Open Jumpers and by the third day she won another ribbon! Hmpf, I bet she doesn't get good enough to run with me in Excellent!
(Mom: famous last words -- she may be slower but she's accurate)

Here are some pics of the Airedales running the Excellent course one day that I also did. They had a lot of fun -- this was agility for terrier breeds only so the Airedales were the tallest dogs out there.

This was the beginning of the course, jump through the tire. Look at this guy go! The posts before the tire jump hold the electronic timer equipment so they can time us as we run around. The same thing is set up on the last jump. I'm usually flying by then!

Now they're really moving here. Aires are so much taller than we Bedlingtons they have to jump higher. I think this one is going over 20 inches, but another guy was doing 24 inches while I was only doing 16 inches. Huh -- just watch, I could do 20 inches if they'd let me!

This guy on the left was the bigger Airedale and here he is going down the A-frame. Next he'll have to go in the tunnel end closest to the handler which you can hardly see in the corner of the picture. This was fun for me!

Here he comes out of the tunnel. He's happy!
He had to swing really wide to get up that ramp.

Now this is what I'm talkin' about! The smaller Airedale is turning really fast out of the tunnel.

The person in the green shirt on the right was the judge. She stood out there all day long watching about 200 dogs run like this. I get tired just thinking about it! There was another judge in the other ring doing the same thing too.

We did manage a shot of another Bedlington getting ready to do a round. This is Mom's friend from Boston who brought her Titus and Poppy to run. Poppy is Emmy's granddaughter who runs in Novice. Here is Titus getting set up to run in Excellent. There would be more pics of Titus and Poppy but Mom's camera died!

There were Wire Fox terriers, Border terriers, Westies, Scotties, AmStaffs, Norfolks, Norwich, you name it, they were there. We like it there a lot!

We ran agility for 3 days and we were pooped after that. Mom spent all of Columbus Day weekend recuperating. I've been doing more agility classes and we've got one more trials this year probably.

Have a good weekend!
Runnin' Rudy


Molly the Airedale said...

Is this Montgomery, Rudy??? If so did you see the Airedale quilt being raffled off? Mom's block was the clown in the car!
You dogs are so lucky you get to do agility! It really looks like so much fun! Thanks for posting so many Airedale pictures!

Love ya lots,

Harry said...

Excellent photos. As you may know, ma and pa's Oscar had just started agility before he died. I bet he could have gone far. I am 10 years old so my jumping days are behind me!

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Boo Casanova said...

hi rudy,

i have added your b'day to the event calendar. check it out!

now everydogs and hamsterrier can wish you happy birthday on this coming 16th nov!

wet wet licks


Urban Smoothie Read said...

nice shot from d agility trial...

Asta said...

Hi Rudy!
I hope youw Mom feels bettew and you get to go do youw fantabulous agility again!! It looks like so much fun!
smoochie kissses

Unknown said...

Hi rudy, thanks for visiting my blog!!

Patience-please said...

Hi Rudy! I LOVE Bedlingtons! I was so excited when I came to visit to find out your a Bedlington.. that means your a little related to the waggle, you know.
Thanks for stopping by. Paducah is another 4.5 hours west and south of Louisville.. ugh. It's sort of between Nashville and St. Louis. But maybe you can come to our agility trial next year! Fun, fun, fun!
all the best-
Patience, Servant to the Whippet Waggle

Patience-please said...

Oh man it's late and I should have gone to bed. I do know the difference between your and you're.
Most of the time.

Hana said...

Hi ya Rudy! Did you get your pictures back from the trial yet? Were there any eskies there at the Pennsylvania agility trials?

Ben & Darling said...

Happy barkday Rudy!!!

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Rudy,

Hope you have a happy barkday buddy - thinking of you :-)


Hammer said...

We hope you have a wonderful day full of wonderful surprises and of course, yummie treats.
Love from Hammer

Molly the Airedale said...

Happy birthday, Rudy! If you have time and you're not too busy on your special day, head over to Scruffy and Lacie's. We're having a poker game and I'm bringing lots of beer! You're of age now, right?!

Love ya lots,

Crikit, Sparky, Ginger! said...

Happy happy Barkday Rudy! Hope you have a day full of treats & hugs & kisses & pressies & all your wishes come true!

wagging tails from TX Trio barking loud just for you!

Lacy said...

woofies Rudy, nice to meeteded hopeies u has a fantastic birfday and gets lots of pressies and treats....

b safe,

Unknown said...

Hey Rudy and the Gang, we send you lot of smooches from Rome, Italy and wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Tina & Nana', Blue Bedlingtons and Jimi the Rocker, wired Fox Terrier!

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