Friday, November 16, 2007

It's My Birthday, It's a Party....

Today (the 16th) is my birthday! Mom said she'd bring me goodies after work tonight and I was so excited. Since her birthday is a week before mine, she got a cake and put her name and mine on it. Isn't that cool! She put a copy of the AKC Gazette next to it 'cause this month's issue has a Bedlington on the cover. It's not me unfortunately, but that's something for a rare breed like ours to be on the magazine cover.

Mom made me wear my birthday hat even at dinner, so here I am being a good birthday boy and eating my supper. In order to have our ice cream, we had to eat dinner first like good little boys and girls... sigh ....

Of course we all had to pose in front of the cake, and Mom got Dennis to keep order while we all posed, or someone would try to rush the cake and get the first piece. From left to right, here is Emmy, Dennis, me with birthday hat, my doggie mom Clancy, and Emmy's granddaughter Josie who is eyeing that fake turkey on the table. The humans put a question mark candle on the cake 'cause if you combined my age in human years and Mom's age, you would wonder, too!

And here we are like hogs at the trough, eating our Frosty Paws doggie ice cream. The cake turned out to be a human ice cream cake, so we couldn't have any. This stuff is just as good and better for us! Mmm mmm is it good. This is Emmy, Clancy, Josie, and me, still in the silly hat.

Here Emmy shows her true colors by sticking her head into Clancy's bowl and eating HER ice cream. What a pig! She wasn't even finished with hers! She knows better than to get into Josie's or my bowls. She and Clancy go 'way back to their kennel days, so they're very competitive with each other. Sheesh, girls, grow up!

So here I am after the big ice cream fest, with my presents and a beer bottle, ready for the big poker party and beer bash at Scruffy and Lacy's, contemplating my next move. I got some Busy Bones to nibble on while I beat everyone at poker. First they have to teach me how to play! Mom ordered me these cool glasses with my name on them. How cool is that! You know somebody put out this website with Rudy stuff on it, and I can get all sorts of stuff with my name on it. Just in time for my birthday.... sweet! I love it! There's so much stuff there I could run for President --- now there's an idea!

Well, off to the poker party!




Anonymous said...

Happy Barkday, dude! I am totally impressed that you kept that silly hat on for so long! You rock!

Molly the Airedale said...

Happy birthday, Rudy! Ice cream is our kind of celebration food!
See you at the poker pawty!

Love ya lots,

Patience-please said...

OH Happy Birthday Rudy! We've missed you... our curly whippety agility friend!
Check later on our blog, we think there will be poker party photos there...
the whippet waggle

Joe Stains said...

happy barkday!!!!!!!!!!! that hat stinks!

Asta said...

Happy Late Birfday!!!! I apoloise fow being so late, but I hope you had a spectaculaw time!
Youw pawty looks pawfect with all youw family and fwosty paws to help you celebwate! i think you look gweat in youw pawty hat!
I'm so glad to see you!
smoochie kisses

Freda said...

HAPPYS BARKDAY, Rudys!!! Sorry I'm lates. My secretary had to do some works for himself. What a BIG DUMMYS!

Looks likes you had a great times. Hope you, your housemates and peeps have a wonderfuls Turkey Days.


Freda (Ƨ)