Sunday, July 27, 2008

Toby our Visitor

Hey all --

I finally got Mom to quit being so lazy and update my blog! She says she's so busy and tired, can't find the time to blog. A likely story...

Anyway, we had another doggy visitor here a couple of weeks ago, his name was Toby and he was another 9-month-old Bedlington pup who just happened to be my nephew!!!
He sure didn't act like he was related to me. I'm a rough-and-tumble kind of guy, even at his age, and he's shy and gentle, not like his ol' Uncle Rudy. Wonder who he takes after? Not me or his mom, my older sister Amber!

Toby was pretty withdrawn and nervous at first, but after 2 days he was making himself right at home with all of us. Here he is having walked over our napping selves to get to our stash of dog toys in the corner...

Chewing on dog treats ---

He had the total nerve to commandeer one of our beds to lay there and chew on one of 'my' tug toys Mom got me... sheesh!

Maybe he's more like me than I thought.

He annoyed his grandma Clancy by barking at her while she was trying to sleep. Mom thinks maybe he wanted whatever toy she might've been laying on. Anyway, she was showing Toby her dental work so Mom snapped this pic!

He finally got the message so he stopped barking. "Who else can I annoy?"

Ohhh no, kid, don't look at me I don't want you to bug me either!

Besides being really shy at first he was basically a good boy. His owner wanted Mom to take him for a while to see if he was having problems and Mom really couldn't find anything... so she worked on getting him happy and ways his owner could prevent him from chewing on things he shouldn't. He had a lot of fun for the week he was here! He LOVED Josie and followed her everywhere when he wasn't following Mom (he's 'clipped' so he's not a problem for Josie). I was a bit jealous when I saw he was playing with 'my' woman but Mom said it wasn't anything serious, Josie still loves me first!

One night we went out on the deck and Mom used the flash. Toby's here in a rare moment of sitting still... before dashing off to find new things!

Whatever he found in this picture must have been pretty exciting.
Look at that ear fly!

I was on the deck just laying down and kept watching that boy -- I couldn't figure out what he was doing either... Emmy was with me and said she really didn't much care.

Oh dog what is that boy doing now????

He finally did go home on a Friday morning. His Mom was happy he seemed so much calmer and less nervous. I hope he's found some new confidence, learning to play with all of us (four of us including him ran around the yard like maniacs!) and seeing that he's just one of the pack like us all and Mom liked him too. He's so young, he's got a lot to learn.

And I'll admit it, he was cute too! Chip off the old block, eh?



Duke said...

What a cutie Toby is - just like the rest of you! We're glad you guys helped give him some confidence that he needed!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Amber-Mae said...

Toby is a cutie!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Asta said...

How could he not be cute being welated to you..and who wouldn't be happy wunning with a gowgeous pack of Bedlingtons..he would have to be weally sick to not enjoy that(do you think , if I let my haiw gwow and get a tail extension and a pewm, I could fit into youw pack?)
smoochie kisses

Joe Stains said...

omdog Toby sure was cute, but I know all about annoying youngsters, I live with one. I am glad he went home full of confidence!

Mack said...

Would your mom like to babysit a cranky 100 year old chihuahua??

Anyhoo, Toby seemed like a nice friend, but how dare he stalk your woman! heehee

Mom said she only saw one beddy at the dog show and of course she fell in love with him!!

Dewey Dewster said...

Wow Rudy...

One Bedlington is cute and 4 are looks like ya had a good time with Toby even though he made eyes at yer woman and stole one of yer's always noice ta have visitors but it good when they leave too cause yer house gets back into it's old routine. "n that Toby sure doesn't look like our Toby does either....

Dewey Dewster here.....

Unknown said...

Hey Rudy!
I just tried to send you an email with your bone relay picture but your mailbox is full. My mom just wants to make sure it's okay with you - she borrowed a picture from your blog and added a little bone-photoshopping. I'll try to send it again tomorrow.
Your friend, Lenny